Before the pandemic of Covid-19(Corona Virus), what’s the first thing that came into your mind when you heard the name of “Taiwan”? Some people may wonder where it is, some people may mix it up with Thailand, and some people may never have heard it before. Now Taiwan is probably be associated with one of the countries that successfully beat Covid-19.

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Indeed, it’s not a good time to talk about traveling aboard while most of the countries are under lockdown and there seems some new outbreak in certain places. But it’s not bad to dream about the future. If Covid-19 just disappear suddenly and people are allowed to travel internationally again, where would you go?

As a Taiwanese, of course, I will say Taiwan, but it will be too subjective. The statistic shows that the number of foreign travelers is rising year by year and that 25% of the tourists who come to Taiwan will visit Taiwan again. (The orange line stands for China. The Chinese government has banned its citizen from traveling in Taiwan for some political reason.)

And not just the tourists, there are more and more foreigners move to Taiwan to build a Taiwan dream.

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If you have no image for Taiwan, here are 5 reasons why you should come to Taiwan.

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The vigorous crustal movement shaped Taiwan into a mountainous island. There are more than 100 mountains higher than 3000 meters. On this narrow island, you can see the landscape from the sandy beach to tropical rain forest coniferous woods, alpine grassland, and rocky coastline within a day. If you are a nature and outdoor activity enthusiast, you will fall in love with Taiwan.

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Taiwanese delicacies have spread their names worldwide. Eating is an all-day affair for Taiwanese. You can start your day with a traditional combo, Chinese pancake and soymilk. As for the lunch, how about have something classic, beef noodle? If you want something for dessert, having some mango shaved ice sounds awesome. When the night falls down, you know it’s time to seek foods in night markets. Besides Taiwanese flavor, you can also find some exotic garments served in good quality and cheap price.

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Convenient life

The public transportation system is well-developed. You can go to most of the places with public transportation. With high-speed rail, you can even travel from Taipei to Kaohsiung in 90 minutes. We have made a collection of transportation in Taiwan. Click here to get all the information.

There’ one more critical element to make life in Taiwan so convenient-convenience stores. In Taiwan, you can go to convenience stores in the middle of the night if you are too hungry to fall asleep, and they can offer you all kinds of services.

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Friendly people

In the eyes of foreign visitors and residents, Taiwanese are super friendly and hospitable. Taiwanese have keen eyes that can spot people in need and warm heart that can help people who need assistance. If you are standing on the street with a map in your hand and looked confused, there will be someone to help you soon. Most of the people in Taipei can speak English, while most of the people in southern Taiwan only speak Mandarin and Taiwanese. But don’t worry. Nothing can stop them from being friendly.

Public security

According to a 2020 mid-year crime index released by the global database Numbeo, Taiwan has been ranked as the second-safest country in the world. If you walk into a cafe, you may surprisingly find that some people just leave their personal belongings on the table then go to the restrooms or get their order. If you are walking alone in the middle of the night, you don’t need to worry about being attack or robbed.

If you accidentally drop your wallet, people will pick it up and give it back to you.

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