You may be surprised that the international automobile corps never ignore the Taiwanese market despite Taiwan is a tiny island. Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi set their factories in Taiwan. Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Volkswagen set their selling points and office in Taiwan as well. The brands which have cultivated in Taiwan for years even make the most of local resources, filming a series of ads based on the background of the roads in Taiwan. How does Taiwan catch the attention of these international automobile corps?

Taiwan is small but features a variety of terrains. With the transportation network, you can explore from the cities to the sandy beach, the winding coastline, the tropical rainforest, the grassland of the alpine, and the barren badlands. (Read more: Ilha Formosa- The Discovery of Taiwan And The Charm of The Island)

We will introduce a sequence of routines in Taiwan. Let’s start with the most epic one-Taipei to Taroko.

Suhua Highway

Drive southward to Hualian, Suhua Highway is the only routine you will pass and definitely the way you can’t miss. The road built embedded into the cliff above the sea level for a hundred meters can be a bit heart-stopping. It’s the most dangerous yet most stunning way in Taiwan. It could be quite an ad if someone films an automobile speeding on the Qingshui section with the mountains towering to the cloud on the right-hand side and the profound, sapphire-like ocean shining on the left-hand side.

To be honest, it is hard to enjoy the view while driving through Qingshui Cliff. You have to watch out the falling rocks and the mining dump trucks on the way, and no to mention the cliff. So it is better to be the passenger rather than the driver if you don’t want to miss the beauty on the way.

The end of Suhua Highway leads to Central Cross-island Highway. Before the 921 Earthquake, people can travel from Taichung to Haulian through the Central Mountain Range and Taroko Gorge. However, the way was half destroyed by the earthquake. Luckily tourists can still explore the most essential part-the Taroko Gorge.

Millions of years ago, Taiwan was elevated above the sea level by the vigorous crustal movement as the Philippine Plate went to the east and the Eurasian Plate moved to the west. Because of the narrow shape of the island and the steer territory, the streams run to the ocean torrentially. With the powerful movement, the streams later cut the marble stratum into a valley with the mountain walls erecting vertically on both sides. It’s the masterpiece of nature. Barely can you see any other place like this in this world.

The mountains and the ocean are calling your name. Are you ready to have a road trip? Let our professional tour do the driving job so you can capture all the beautiful moments! You can contact us for a customized tour.

We also offer a 3-day package tour to Taroko, which not only brings you to admire the grand beauty of eastern Taiwan but also takes you to explore the aboriginal culture. You definitely can’t miss it if are you fans of “Hunger Game ”. You can learn tribal surviving skills like bow shooting and traditional ways of fishing. You can even row boats on Xiuguluan Creek to the river mouth to view the vast Pacific Ocean.

There will be more articles uploaded about road trips in Taiwan. What will be the topic for next week? Maybe a road trip to Alishan? How about a cycling tour around Taiwan? Follow our fan page on Facebook then you will figure it out.

What’s more exciting? We will launch more multiday tours feature road trips with deep insights into local cultures. Looking forward to seeing you in Taiwan!

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