Magical balloon from Pingxi, Taiwan

In February of this year, we have a wonderful Taiwan tour. We booked charter services and tour guide through a Taiwanese travel agency.

The tour guide helped us arrange a Taipei day tour. Because February is the lantern festival in Taiwan, so we went to Pingxi to celebrate the Pingxi lantern festival.

We are very surprised that Taiwan’s balloons are made of paper because Indonesia’s balloons are made of rubber. The tour guide says this balloon is call〝Pingxi lantern〞. Everyone can write on the lantern. The lantern can write their wishes or write to the deceased relatives and friends. The legend can be passed to heaven.

I wrote on the lantern that I hope the whole family is healthy and happy. After everyone wrote their wish, we ignited in the center of the lantern and the lantern flew into the sky magically, as if our wish were going to heaven.

Pingxi lantern festival is a very mysterious and interesting festival. I plan to visit Pingxi again at the Mid-Autumn Festival in September this year!

In order to experience the ancient railway traffic in Taiwan, the tour guide especially let us take the railway from Pingxi to Taipei. The scenery along the way is very beautiful and I saw many white birds standing in the green fields. The tour guide said that the name of the bird is Egretta garzetta, which is a conservation animal in Taiwan.

No wonder Taiwan is called Formosa because the landscape and culture of Taiwan are amazing. It was a wonderful memory for us in Pingxi.

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A Romantic trip to Pingxi

My girlfriend Ivy who lives in Los Angles were situated on the west side of United State decided to fly to Taiwan to find me in order to celebrate our three-year anniversary. We always imagined that one day we could release our own burning lantern into the night sky as a declaration of our love. After Disney released Tangled in 2010, viewers everywhere have swooned at the romantic scene where Rapunzel and Flynn sing to each other as floating lanterns glow like stars in the inky night air. To fulfil our dream and celebrate our anniversary, I took Ivy to participate a Taipei private tour to Pingxi, where also known as Shi Fen was literally awarded the most romantic place in Taiwan in 2014, made famous by the movie, which name as You Are the Apple of My Eye, which also featured a romantic scene involving the releasing of a sky lantern. Experiencing a sky lantern has always been our dream and we were given the opportunity to decorate and release our own sky lanterns, as well as stroll along the rustic railway, hand in hand, or explore the Pingxi Old Street, where a street built into a hill with a train track going overhead.

If you are looking for a memorable place and activity to declare your love to your significant other, or even pop the question, you can’t go wrong with Pingxi and its famous sky lanterns. We highly recommend Pingxi to release your own lantern with your valentine.

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Taipei day trip to Pingxi

Our family is a tourist from Singapore, which joined a Taipei private tour. During our visit to Taipei, we communicated with the local guide and costumed some day trips to our original stroke. Obviously, we love cities, but one must escape to magical places for a change of pace. An enchanted adventure that that was highest on our list was a trip to Jiufen and Pingxi. Not too far from the city, they give you a glimpse of another side of Taiwan that you can’t experience within Taipei. Both of these towns we can reach by train/bus, but the easiest way is by booking a day trip to Jiufen and Pingxi with Taiwan Private tour.

Shifen, located in the Pingxi District is most known for releasing Chinese lanterns while standing on the train tracks of the old street. Visitors flock to Pingxi once a year for the Pingxi Lantern Festival, and they let their wishes go year round as if they are going back in time to a slow coal mining town rich in history.

The tours are intimate, so we do not feel pushed around too much and just enjoy our time. The tour guide is knowledgeable as well as a great resource throughout the whole trip. Having a van allowed flexibility, as well as beautiful high viewpoints without walking. we were able to the lookout from above at the Yin-Yang Sea, explore old gold mines, gaze at the Golden Waterfall, having lunch while taking in the quaint street of Jiufen and release your own wishes on the tracks of historic Shifen. Hence, making this the best day ever. This can all be done without worrying about navigating public transportation. The trip was easy and the perfect day trip and break from the bustling city of Taipei. After the trip to Pingxi, we are already looking forward to having another trip to Pingxi.

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Very satisfactory family trip ─ Yehliu Geopark in Taiwan.

In August of this year, I arranged a Taiwan family trip and planned to visit the famous stone landscape〝 Yehliu 〞.

I look over the Yehliu map by GPS and found that the Yehliu bus station is very convenient, but considering the number of people taking the bus is too much, space is very crowded and the weather is sultry. This is inconvenient for young children and elderly parents. The chartered car is more comfortable, so I decided to book a charter service and English tour guide through the travel agency.

On the first day of Taiwan tour, the travel agency arranged a Taipei day tour based on the attractions we wanted to visit.

Every landscape of Yehliu Geopark is carved by nature for a long time. The signboard shows that passengers “don’t touch, climb or destroy stones. This is something to watch out for!”
Yehliu Geopark is open daily from 08:00 to 17:00, but May to August is open from 08:00 to 18:00.
We saw the most famous stone〝Queen’s Head 〞and other remarkable formations include sea candles, fairy shoe, ginger rocks, elephant rock, ice cream rock, kissing rock and Princess’ head. Can you imagine how amazing the stones of Yehliu are?

Yehliu geopark has many ramps that allow people with disabilities to easily enjoy the scenery… This is really a very friendly device! My father was in a wheelchair and looked at the stone and seascape of the Yehliu. Everyone is happy to enjoy the beauty of Yehliu.

Next to the geopark is the Yehliu ocean world, which is an oceanarium with ocean exhibits, and sea life including dolphin and sea lion performances. Yehliu ocean world offers visitors the chance to observe marine life in an undersea glass tunnel. It’s a fun addition to the more educational experience at the geopark.
Yehliu is very suitable for parents and children to visit. The first day of Yehliu tour is very impressive!

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Wonderful experience in Yehliu

We are a big family that lives in Canada. We usually travel countries all over around the world, Taiwan is no exception. We love Taiwan beautiful and unique scenery especially Yehliu. Take the mobility of the elderly people in our family into account, we chose to join a Taipei private tour to Yehliu that offered a private bus while heading to the sightseeing spots. When we arrived there, Queens Head Rock first came into view. It is an amazing natural wonder in Yehliu, Taiwan. Queens Head Rock was naturally sculptured by nature. What a fabulous job nature does! Yehliu Geopark is a major attraction in Northern Taiwan. Travelers come from all over the world to see Queens Head and the others. There are many geological formations that stretch along the beach and out into the cape. One of these is the Queen of the cape. Yehliu Geopark is a world-famous geological wonder. There are many named rocks in the park, but Queens Head is the most famous. These intriguing and unique rock formations are composed of sandstone and shale. Over time, they have been sculpted by nature’s hand. The pounding of the wind and water has created this impressive gallery of magnificent rock formations. Thus, when it comes to the hero in this story, it is the magnificent work of cutting edge of the wind and the water.

The Geopark is considered rural, but it is worth any effort you invest in getting there. It is home to many natural and unique geological formations. No sculptor does work any better than the wind and the rain! Yehliu Geopark is best the place to travel if you are the big fan to nature. We all love this wonderful experience in Yehliu.

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Fans from Thailand visit the Taiwan movie filming locations ─ Jiufen

Jiufen is a tourist area in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. In the early stages, Jiufen was prospered because of the abundance of gold, but after the excessive excavation of gold, Jiufen began to decline.

However, because Taiwan’s director Hou Hsiao-hsien filmed “Sad City” once again attracted tourists to Jiufen tour, the film was shot in Jiufen Taiwan, starring by Tony Leung and winning the golden lion award at the Venice film festival. Our family is this movie’s big fans. Jiufen in the movie is very beautiful and dreamy, so we decided to arrange a Taiwan tour and list Jiufen as a Tapei day tour’s itinerary.

The weather is often raining in Jiufen, but I think the Jiufen in the rain is very beautiful and have a psychedelic atmosphere.

The tour guide introduced us to the origin of the Jiufen’s names. In the early years of Taiwan’s Qing Dynasty, the villages only have nine households. Therefore, whenever villager goes out to the market for shopping or when the cargo ship arrives, everything is required to buy nine portions and later Jiufen (Taiwan homophonic) will naturally become the place name here.

Then the tour guide took us to the Kishan street in Jiufen old street for dinner. This street is the most lively street in Jiufen and the place where the most snacks are gathered.

We ate taro balls with red bean soup, the taro rice balls taste tenderly chewy and we love it! We also ate herbal cake with sliced radish, fish balls, chicken rolls… countless food, we only complain that there is no more stomach!

After dinner, we chartered from Jiufen to Taipei to end this wonderful Taipei private tour.

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Ancient civilization and Great Skyscraper

Hugo is the best friends since elementary school. Every year we travel together. This spring we chose Taiwan as our destination. We had 8 days of Taiwan tour. Taiwan was warmer than Sweden in April. We booked a Taipei private tour for our first day in Taiwan. Taipei day tour included those most famous attractions in Taipei. It’s really a steal!

We looked forward to Taipei 101 and the National Palace Museum. Hugo once studied oriental art in university. He told me because of some historical factors, the best artworks preserved in the National Palace Museum instead of Beijing or Tokyo! Our driver-guide told us there is over 700 thousand treasure preserved in the National Palace Museum. Every piece of artworks is the spirit of Chinese culture.

I was very interested in the painting and calligraphy part. The painting skill is totally different from Western. The calligraphy was amazing! I couldn’t imagine that character can be an art style! Our guide pointed calligraphy and said: This calligraphy was written by a Chinese Emperor of Song dynasty. This emperor even created a new style of calligraphy!

Taipei 101 used to be the highest building in the world during 2004-2010. Though it is not the highest building anymore. Taipei 101 still amazed as us. In Sweden, we don’t have any skyscraper. After I knew that Taiwan is usually hit by Typhoon and earthquake. I am more revered for Taipei 101, what a megastructure!

We took the high-speed elevator to the observatory on the 89th floor in the afternoon. We stayed in the observatory until night. Enjoyed the beautiful sunset and wrote some postcards in Taipei 101. Looking down from this height, both the cars and the houses are like a cute model. Taipei is a city which really combines modern and traditional.

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A wonderful tour in Jiufen.

Taiwan travel agency often promotes the Taiwan tour packages, which are very cost-effective, so I decided to experience the Taiwan tour with my grandfather and parents. There are a lot of flights to Thailand directly to Taiwan, so it is very convenient to travel to Taiwan.
We spend 6 days to travel the north, central and southern parts of Taiwan. Because Taoyuan Airport is in the north of Taiwan, the Taipei day tour’s itinerary arranged the Jiufen tour by the tour guide.

When I came to Jiufen, I was most looking forward to visiting the stone cat Henry House.
I was visited this shop in Beijing, there are many branches in Henry House and there are 3 branches in Jiufen! The founding store of Henry house is located in Jiufen old street.

Henry house founder Li Hongxiang is a veteran animator who has been involved in the production of many outstanding cartoons, such as the Disney animated film “Aladdin” and “The Little Mermaid”.Henry wans to give his friend a gift and he felt that the things on the market were not unique enough, so he decided to paint his friend favorite cat on the stone as a gift. The first Henry House stone cat was born.

Each piece of painted stone is hand-made. The small animals painted on the stone are very colorful, bright and each work has its own name and constellations. Our family bought painted stones according to own constellations and also bought postcards, passport holders, etc.

I found that Jiufen shops at 18:00 in the evening were close up. The tour guide said that only on weekends, Jiufen stores will be open for a long time, but there will be a lot of people on holiday, so it is better to visit early on weekdays.

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A worth place to visit_ Yehliu

My friend who studied in Taiwan from Australia and I participated in a Taipei private trip to Yehliu. Although we are not a big fan to geology, we just quickly take a look at the rocks formation in Yehliu Geopark. Then, we walked to the opposite side of the exit of the market because we feel a bit hungry after walking around and decided to look for some food. There are many stalls in the market selling food and souvenirs. Most of them are sea products as this area is very near to the sea. We bought some grilled squid as a snack to be eaten on the bus. We didn’t want to eat too full because we want to leave some space in the stomach for yummier food in Taiwan. We knew some other delicious snacks via the traveling magazine. Taiwan has a lot of food stalls selling many delicious snacks such as hot dogs and corns, for instance. Another type of squid snacks here at the Yehliu Geopark market. Besides snacks, you can also buy some dried sea product here for cooking. Yehliu Geopark is definitely worth the time and energy to visit because it is not something you can see and experience in other places.

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Mysterious and charming Jiufen

This is my last summer vacation at my university. We choose Taiwan as our destination for the graduation trip. It was also the first time we visit Asia. Everything we met in Taiwan is amazing, especially the Jiufen old street. Jiufen is a small town built on the mountainside. The first sight we saw Jiufen we were all stunned. As if we were in the scene of the film, Spirited Away. Then, our tour guide told us that Jiufen used to be the most important gold mine in Asia in the 1910’. Because of these gold mine and wealth, Jiufen even gained a nickname like “Little Hong Kong” in the past. My classmates and I explored the Jiufen old street and walked along the stairs.

Fortunately, the weather was not bad when we arrived. Our tour guide said that the weather in Jiufen is always rainy. There are more than 200 rainy days a year in Jiufen. So we are very lucky! The cloudy weather was very cool and comfortable.

There are many lanterns hanging around the Jiufen old street. I love these lanterns so much, they are mysterious and…cute for me. We took many pictures in the narrow old streets with lanterns. And of course, we didn’t forget the delicious food in Jiufen. Such as the famous dessert-taro balls which made from taro and sweet potato. We also visited the most famous Jiufen tea house – Amei Tea House. Tasting the Taiwan O0long Tea and enjoyed the beautiful seascape.

While we were about to leave Jiufen. The light of sunset turned Jiufen into golden. At the same time, the light of the old street was lit up suddenly! The whole city was sparkling and shining, just like the prosperity time of golden town in the past.

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