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Taiwan offers a wide range of unique and famous souvenirs that travelers often seek to bring home after a Taiwan tour.

Local Delicacies

Do you have a craving for Taiwanese sweet? Whether it is for sweet tooth or not, Taiwan definitely has a lot of things to enjoy back with family. Read more about Taiwan’s sweet delights!Taiwanese food has definitely gained international fame, and the diversity of options cater to a wide audiences.

Pineapple Cake

It’s the first answer that will come on Google if you type “things to buy in Taiwan” or “must try in a Taiwan tour” and actually what is pineapple cake? Despite its name, the taste is more like a tart with moist, sour pineapple jam in the middle (Read more: Pineapple cake – Taste and History.)

You can easily find pineapple cake in convenience stores, but it’s better to try the more well known brand. You can also experience more traditional means by making your own. If you are interested, Justaiwantour’s Pineapple cake DIY might be perfect for you.

Bubble Tea Products

Taiwan is the birthplace of bubble tea. Bubble tea DIY kits, boba pearls, and flavored powders are popular souvenirs. Tapioca pearls, or “boba,” are the signature ingredient in bubble tea. You can buy these pearls in various sizes and flavors, including traditional black, colorful fruit-flavored pearls, or even ones with fillings like fruit jam.

Bubble tea products capture the essence of Taiwan’s culinary culture and are a delightful souvenir for anyone who enjoys this refreshing and unique beverage. Whether you’re a bubble tea aficionado or simply looking for a taste of Taiwan’s iconic drink, these souvenirs offer a piece of the bubble tea experience to take home with you. (You might also like to read:【About Taiwan】What Every Bubble Tea Drinker Should Know)

bubble tea products, must-eat in a Taiwan tour

Iron Egg

This hard-boiled egg are black in color and might be unusual and the taste is not one that you have eaten before either! It is definitely worth trying. There are a lot of packed iron egg with many flavors (spicy, original, etc.) that are easy to bring back. There can be size difference when you try to buy iron egg from shops, since it can be made from chicken, pigeon, or quail egg. It’s a special street snack that you will see in Tamsui District, a spot which is usually arranged in Taiwan tour packages. If you are curious about how it tastes right now, you can look at this iron egg DIY video to make one yourself.

Alishan’s Oolong Tea

Taiwanese have high esteem for their tea, especially the ones from Alishan (Ali Mountain). The high altitude of the mountain and the cloudy environment made the tea tree grow slowly thus making thicker leaves. It is said to have a long-lasting floral and creamy character that people will definitely love. Alishan Tea also benefits the body as it is rich in antioxidants and is a good way to promote metabolism, enhance immunity, and relieve stress. (Read more: https://www.nickkembel.com/alishan-high-mountain-tea/)

Where to buy Alishan Oolong Tea? There are tea shops throughout Alishan that serves great quality tea and also sells packaged tea leaves, like Mountain Ali Tea No. 35. If you do not have time to go to Alishan, you can always find their products in nearest tea houses, like Jioufen Teahouse or A-mei Tea House on one of your Jiufen trips with Justaiwantour. Promise that your parents will like it, so do not miss it if you’re having a Taiwan family trip!

Alishan’s Oolong Tea, a must-try if having a Taiwan family trip with your parents

Taiwanese Whisky

Taiwanese whisky has gained international recognition and acclaim in recent years, and one of the most famous brands that has contributed to this reputation is Kavalan Whisky. They are known for their complexity, rich fruitiness, and balanced sweetness. They often feature tropical fruit notes, caramel, vanilla, and spices, making them distinct from Scotch or other whiskies.

The Kavalan distillery in Taiwan offers tours and tastings for visitors, providing insights into the whisky-making process and an opportunity to sample their award-winning products. Wanna visit Kavalan distillery? We can take you there. Join our Yilan One Day Private Tour!

Traditional Souvenirs

Personal Name Stamps

Stamps are the official seals that are used in Taiwan (and other parts of East Asia), and it has the same function as signatures. Nowadays Taiwanese banks and other official documents still need a validation of a seal. Specialized characters are usually carved through the seal and it will be stamped in red, creating an artistic little square. See this short documentary on how seals are made (Watch at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_aRADpskvU)

Aside from its serious nature, it can also be a special gift for you or your loved ones as they are easily obtainable throughout Taiwan. It’s usually available in local locksmith, or you can type “印章“ (yìnzhāng) on your Google maps to go to the nearest one.

Chinese Seals ‘Chops’, a special traditional souvenir that you will see in a Taiwan tour
Some examples of seals
(Source: https://www.icc-australia.com.au/free-resources/chinesechops)

Calligraphy Supplies

Chinese calligraphy needs a lot of practice. It has a long history and has been very meaningful ever since ancient times. If you are interested in art and design, buying calligraphy brushes, ink sticks, and rice paper are traditional and artistic souvenirs. There are varieties of pricing for this particular item, you can get cheaper ones in a stationary store.

A perfect place to search for calligraphy sets is at Dihua Street located in Taipei. You can also attend calligraphy workshops. It’s also a place to explore other traditional and cultural products. (Read more: Cultural Heritage of Dihua Street and Wanhua)

Hakka Paper Umbrella

Hakka people comprise about 15 to 20% of Taiwan’s population, and one of the best preserved cultures is located in Meinong District, Kaohsiung. One of the must-see places in this district is Meinong Folk Village. You can definitely get yourself immersed in Oil Umbrella making here and you can buy some for your family members, afterall it is usually used as a meaningful wedding gifts by wishing the newlyweds to have a son (Read more: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3799016

Hakka Paper Umbrella, you'll see most of them in Meinong District, Kaohsiung when having a Taiwan tour
Collections of Hakka Paper Umbrellas
(Source: Rutger van der Maar)

You can also find hand-painted umbrellas in Jiufen Old Street. Colorful and beautifully hand-painted umbrellas are a unique and functional souvenir often found in Jiufen and other cultural areas.

Tea Set

As a land of tea and ceramics, buying a tea set in Taiwan is definitely a good idea. A good tea set is good to accompany a quiet afternoon or some friendly talks. Tea set are also a popular souvenir and high quality ones are even suitable for wedding gifts.

It is also easy to find. Places like Wang tea or Lin’s Ceramics Studio in Taipei or other tea houses will have selections of it. You can also find one by strolling around Dihua Street. However, more selections will be available in Yingge Historic Ceramics Street, which is Taiwan’s capital for ceramics and pottery. While doing so, you can explore Yingge Ceramics Museum and Mall.

Jade and Gemstones

Taiwan is a perfect place to find these amazing goods, especially the Fengtian Jade, also known as Nephrite or soft jade. In fact, for this type of jade, 60% of the world production comes from Hualien with their characteristics translucent green hue and black spots.

If you are interested, you can visit Fengtian village, picking jade and experience polishing one by yourself! Surely a good souvenir to bring back!

Jade has always been a symbol of virtue and culture since ancient times, but buying Jade can be tricky if you do not know what to expect. The biggest Jade Market is Jianguo Holiday Jade Market in Taipei which only operates on weekends and on national holidays, don’t forget to go when you’re having a Taipei private tour! It has varieties of Jade products from charms, beads, zodiac animals, or combs, etc. (Read more: https://www.englishintaiwan.com/shopping-in-taiwan/taipei-jade-market)

Jianguo Jade Market, a special spot for Taipei day tour
Various Jade goods from Jianguo Holiday Jade Market
(Source: https://www.taipeitravelgeek.com/jianguo-flower-market)

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