How do I make a reservation?
You must fill out an application form online and make a payment in advance. Once the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation by email. Please feel free to call us at +886 2 27085100 or ask us questions online : www.justaiwantour.com or https://www.facebook.com/Justaiwantour/
How far in advance should I book my order?
How far in advance you can book your order depends on the different product type. Please refer to the calendar on the product webpage for product availability. If the travel date in the calendar can be selected, that means you can book the tour. The tours should be booked at least 3 days in advance.
How long will it take to get a customized tour quote? 
Once you fill out the form on our website, depending on the time of year and extent of your travel plans, it may take at least 3 days to prepare a proposal or a quotation.
If I chose the wrong departure date, can I adjust my booking?
If the customer chooses the wrong departure date, please contact service@justaiwantour.com at least 3 days before your trip. Our customer service team will assist you in changing the travel date. Changes of date cannot be made within 3 days of the date of travel.
Where can I get contact information for my tour guide and/or driver?
Justaiwantour will provide you the contact information of your driver and/or tour guide at least one day before the travel date. Please check your mailbox at all times.
Why can't I select my preferred departure date on the product page?
If you are unable to select a date, unfortunately, that means it is unavailable (i.e. lack of time to process or fully booked). We appreciate your understanding. Thank you!
Why do I need to provide my passport information when booking a tour?
In addition to having an amazing time with us, you’ll also have an experience fully covered by travel insurance covering medical expenses, personal accident coverage, accidental death, and disability. Your passport information is required by Taiwan law for insurance purposes.
Does my tour include pick-up or drop-off service to/from the airport?
If pick-up or drop-off service to/from the airport is on the itinerary, it’s included in the price. The guests can book additional pick-up or drop-off service to/from the airport in the process of booking a tour. It will be charged US$ 50 for pick up or drop off from the airport.
How do I check the status of my order?
You can view your order status through your Justaiwantour account. If you forget your account, you can also email to service@justaiwantour.com. Our customer service team will help you with checking your order status.
How do I know when and where to meet the guide?
You’ll be contacted by customer service two days before the tour begins with time, exact place, and full contact information for your driver and guide.
How much do I tip a tour guide?
The tip depends on the quality of the tour guide service. We want our customers to be able to tip whatever amount they are comfortable with. Normally, we suggest tipping around $300-600 NTD per guest per day to show appreciation for the tour guide’s performance.
How to provide my hotel information?
Generally, pick up and drop off service from your Taipei hotel is included in the tour. Please email us your hotel’s name to service@justaiwantour.com. If you have any preferred pick up and drop off point, please don’t hesitate to inform us.
What are possible expenses and costs in the tour? How much will the guests need to bring?
There are a few optional activities or possible costs during the tour. For example, if meals are not included in the price, places like night markets, where guests are expected to pay for their own food. Food in night markets tends to be pretty cheap. NT$ 300~500(US$10~15) is generally enough for experiencing delicious food. Certain tours like Taipei Planless Day Tour have other optional activities such as Taipei 101 Observatory. Our guests can choose whether they want to enter or not. Generally, if it’s on the itinerary, it’s included in the price.
What is the maximum and the minimum number of travelers per group?
■ Package Tours: A minimum of 2 passengers is required for this tour to operate. If you are a solo, you may have to pay the price of 2 passengers to guarantee the tour. If your group has more than 8 passengers, please contact us before you book the tour.
■ Customized Tours: No limit.
What will my tour guide be like?
Our professional tour guides are all fluent in English, Mandarin or other languages. They are fully trained and ready to share their knowledge and stories of local history and culture with you. Aside from their life experience, they are also passionate about sharing the beauty of Taiwan.
Can I book a tour on behalf of my family or friends?
Sure! Remember to leave your friend or family as the trip contact so we can reach them directly if necessary.
How can I get an invoice for my booking?
If you need an invoice, please email us at service@justaiwantour.com. We will send an invoice to you.
How do I know if my payment is complete?
Once you complete your payment, you will receive the invoice or confirmation by e-mail.
How should I proceed if I decide to book the tour? What are the payment methods I can use?
■ Package Tours: Please book the tour on our website directly. The full payment will be required through your credit card.
■ Customized Tours: Once you agree with the itinerary we provided and there’s no problem with the price, we'd like to request for a full payment.
You could pay via
1) Credit card authorization form– We accept Visa or Master Card
2) Bank transfer - USD or NTD account (The guest should afford the bank service charge.)
3) Paypal
Is my payment safe to use credit card?
It is safe to transmit money on our platform. We keep all your information safe.
What does the price of my tour include/ exclude?
■ Package Tours: Basically, the inclusion and exclusion would be mentioned in the description. Usually, the price of our package tours includes transportation, driver guide, admissions indicated in the itinerary and exclude meals and tips. Please read the description of each package before your booking.
■ Customized Tours: In general, the customized tour is more flexible than the package tour. According to your needs and budget, we can arrange everything for you. Feel free to discuss with the travel planner about your preference and requests.
Which currencies are supported?
■ Package Tours: The settlement will always be in USD.
■ Customized Tours: You can choose to fill in a credit card authorization form. The currency will change to NTD. The exchange rate is subject to the official rate of the day of the transaction. You can also choose to pay with PayPal, which settlement will be in USD.
Which kind of credit card you accept?
You can pay the tour fee via your credit card. We accept Visa and Master Card.
Cancellation policy
After completing the payment, what if I find out the tour eventually doesn’t operate?
There is still a possibility that the customer complete booking a tour or experience, and the tour is sold out. The operator will contact you and request a change of date. If the customer is not available as well, we will offer a full refund.
How do I cancel my classic tour/ in-depth experience booking?
Cancellation made less than 24 hours before departure is non-refundable. Cancellation made between 48~24 hours before departure will charge 50% of full payment. Cancellation made more than 72 hours before departure will offer a full refund.
How do I cancel my customized tour booking?
Cancellation made less than 21 to 30 days prior to clients’ arrival day will charge 20% of full payment. Cancellation made less than 2 to 20 days prior to clients’ arrival day will charge 30% of full payment. Cancellation made less than 1 day prior to clients’ arrival day will charge 50% of full payment. Cancellation made on or after the clients’ arrival day will charge 100% of full payment.
Travel Fund  
Justaiwantour's loyalty program has introduced travel fund, can be accumulated by buyinging tours online.
Total Travel Fee Cash Back Travel Fund %
Classic/Depth Experience Tour
Customized Tour
How do I get my travel fund?
After you book our tour, you will get a travel fund according to the following percentage of your payment:
■ Classic/Depth Experience Tour: 3%
■ Customized Tour: 5%
How do I use my travel fund?
When you are booking your tour, there is a section on the checkout screen. Please choose to use the travel fund. The customer can only select either promotion code or travel fund per booking. The travel fund is valid for 1 year.
Where can I see how much travel fund I have?
Click Sign in at the top right-hand corner of our home page. After signing in or registering, a menu will appear when you hover over My account. You will see details of your travel fund.
Travel time
In winter, the average monthly temperature ranges from 15 to 20°C across the island, while mid-30s are common in the summer. Temperatures in the high mountains can be substantially lower than on the plains. In general, autumn and winter are the best times to visit Taiwan. Taiwan has a subtropical monsoon climate, with wet, humid summers and short, relatively mild winters (though it often snows on the highest peaks) affecting the best time to visit. The north tends to be several degrees colder, and a lot wetter, than the tropical south. The northeast monsoon lasts about six months from October to late March and brings wet weather to Keelung and the northeast side of the island, while central and southern regions stay relatively dry. The southwest monsoon starts in May and ends in late September, primarily affecting the south. The latter part of this monsoon season is associated with typhoons that batter the east coast and central mountain range, with an average of two to three direct hits a year. That’s not the end of the rain, however – the annual“plum rain” season can bring two months of rain any time between early spring and early summer, affecting the whole island. hough early summer (May to July) can also be pleasant at higher elevations and in the north, and the high temperatures in midsummer make watersports and beaches far more tempting at this time.