What do People do to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan? ( Also read: A Guide to Celebrating Taiwan’s Dragon Boat Festival)

Maybe you don’t have any idea and even never heard of the festival, but the festival is actually on UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


Food always comes first for Taiwanese people. The must-eat food during the festival is sticky rice buns or some people might call them sticky rice dumplings. (Regard yourself as a foodie? Check this out)



People put sticky rice, pork belly, salted egg yolk, boiled peanuts and all kinds of other delicious ingredients inside bamboo leaves, and wrap up with a string.

You can be creative with different sauces when you eat them!




Do you know that rice dumplings are various by region?


If you happen to have some friends visiting Taiwan during the festival, you will have to take them to the dragon boat race, since it’s what this annual celebration is mostly known for.

The dragon boat is simply a big boat designed to look like a dragon. The first boat that gets the flag wins the race. Competitors from all over the world come here just for the race and take part in the celebration.

Let’s see the exciting competition in the video.


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