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Top Selling Tours in Taiwan
Explore unique local tours
  • Taipei
    Classic Taipei Day Tour
    4 must-visit attractions in Taipei
    From USD $90 per person
  • Taipei
    Jiufen & Pingxi Day Tour
    Sky Castle: Jiufen & Pingxi Day Tour
    From USD $65 per person
  • New Taipei City
    North Coast Day Tour
    Day Tour: Discover North Coast of Taiwan From Taipei - Yehliu, Keelung, Seafood
    From USD $65 per person
  • Taipei
    Pinglin Tea Day Tour
    Unfold the secret chapter of tea ceremony with tea fragrance.
    From USD $60 per person
  • Taipei
    Taipei Food Tour
    The Must-Try Cuisines in Taiwan
    From USD $60 per person
  • Taipei
    Planless Taipei Tour_A
    Have no idea where to visit? Join our private Taipei day tour
    From USD $70 per person
Extraordinary Experiences
Amazing experiences in private tours
Pinglin Tea Day Tour
Unfold the secret chapter of tea ceremony with tea fragrance.
From USD $60 per person
  • Taipei
    Pinglin Tea Day Tour
    Unfold the secret chapter of tea ceremony with tea fragrance.
    From USD $60 per person
  • Taipei
    Temple Culture Tour
    Religious Worship Culture in Dadaocheng Day Tour
    From USD $45 per person
  • Taipei
    Beijing Opera Day Tour
    Experience The Gem Of Chinese culture:Beijing Opera
    From USD $125 per person
  • Yilan
    Yilan Classic Day Tour
    If you enjoy nature and need a perfect setting to slow down, Yilan is certainly your best option.
    From USD $70 per person
  • Taipei
    Trip of Art & Literature
    Taipei Contemporary Cultural and Creativity Day Tour With the experience of the art of Taipei, the city is full of different cultural impact, which is why it is so attractive to people.
    From USD $65 per person
  • Taipei
    Pineapple Cakes DIY
    Make Your Own Lucky Charm: Pineapple Cakes
    From USD $110 per person
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Taichung, the center of Taiwan, I always image there are just building and busy people in my memory, currently, there are also serious air pollution issue from news, but it broken my impression when you come to this city personally.Taichung World Flora Exposition is amazing and change my mind for Taichung, There are three area for this grand exhibition,(Huli, Fengyuan and Waipu). Although these exhibition are complex and huge, thanks for Justaiwantour Travel agency, the Justaiwantour agency arranged organizingly and introduced carefully, giving me the full and perfect experience for this trip to Taichung World Flora Exposition.This exhibition is like carnival, lots of show and competition of flower in every area, street artist and foreign friends also joins this festival which merging pretty viewing and comforting hearing.I also appreciate for Justaiwantour suggestion very much, Top ,relieved service and planning let me relaxing and enjoy for trip. This was a memorable journey.There are two things for admiring and deep impression in this trip, first is amazing Taichung World Flora Exposition ; second is Justaiwantour. This travel agency committed to serving traveler for the best and I am very expecting to contact and join their activity or their arrangement.
Aaron Epstein
2018/11/13-Pineapple Cakes DIY
I never know Moon Festival before I join the Pineapple Cakes DIY activity. We put on traditional Taiwanese costumes and act like brides and grooms. I had so much fun here. The DIY activity was very interesting and I am willing to join others in the future. I will definitely, for sure, recommending Justaiwantour to my friends and relatives, and have them again assisting my future Taiwan trip.
Alice Hien
2018/11/20-Planless Taipei Tour_A
I booked Justaiwantour for my custom private tour for two last June and it was incredible! I was actually contacting almost all tour agency in Taipei but could not find one that fit in my request and give the best price but this travel agent. I knew Taiwan is famous for food. But I was amazed by the fantastic taste of them. I couldn’t help but keep eating and eating. My stomach was about to explode. This tour is definitely highly recommended.
2018/11/30-Planless Taipei Tour
Thank you justaiwantour and Warren for the amazing experience you've provided us with. Warren was extremely knowledgeable and provided us with key information and facts about all the places we visited during this one day tour. In addition - he made sure we didn't have to wait unnecessarily in queues and personalized the time to visit the places of interest to us and took us to where the locals go and eat. Overall - 5 stars and can highly recommend this tour and justaiwantour company! Thank you again for an unforgettable Taipei experience!
2018/12/01-North Coast Day Tour
I joined the trip to The North Coast this time.Taiwan is certainly one of my favorites. Fabulous scenery and delicious seafood were what impressed me the most! I just can't forget the amazing taste of shrimps till now haha! Thx to my awesome tour guide Will! He is considerate and knowledgeable! With his vivid and interesting introduction,I learned more about the local culture and the custom in Taiwan! All in all, I will definitely recommend my friends this fantastic getaway.
It was definitely an amazing activity I never knew before. How colorful can be the world at Sun Moon Lake! You can just slowly taking in the breathtaking the view of sun moon lake, especially during the sunset. If you go round the lake anti-clockwise, this would be the last stop. The day after it was already time to go back. But i'll keep in mind all that trip.