Explore the Beauty of Taiwan
Justaiwantour takes you exploring the diamond laying on the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan.

Taiwan locates at East Asia, lies on Northwest Pacific Ocean. The island’s population was mainly consisted of Austronesian Indigenous and Chinese immigrates. Taiwan has variety geographical landscape, such as Chiayi-Tainan plains, East rift valley, and the highest mountain at 3,952 meters of East Asia, Yushan. Because Taiwan located at the center of the East and Southeast Asia island arcs, it became an important transportation hub of Asia. From northern to southern Taiwan, even outlying islands, there have Keelung Port, Taichung Port, Hualien Port, Anping Port, Kaohsiung Port, and Penghu Port. Having a unique international port group, Taiwan connects China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Great and unforgettable shore excursions in Taiwan cannot be missed.

Justaiwantour are professional of holding international conferences, business visiting and incentive tours for foreign business travelers and professionals. Our core value is offering the service of a customizable private tour and exclusive travel planning. We consider every trip is a meaningful story. With this faith, we focus on assisting every traveler, customizing your own exclusive itinerary. Justaiwantour is always being considering, caring, and supporting you instantly.

Justaiwantour’s professional and passionate tour operators and travel guides have visited around Taiwan’s interesting spots. We listen to your needs and give you a memorable story. Travel to Taiwan, explore this diamond island sparkling on the Pacific Ocean.
Why Justaiwantour
  • English / Chinese
    Warren Chen
    Expertise: 1-Day Tour / Multi-day Tour / Cultural Experience / Foodie Tour / Adventure Tour /
    Hi, every hornered guest. I am a highly efficient and knowledgeable private tour guide familiar with local culture, history and trail hiking. With my safe driving and guide to must-sees and must- eats, I assure you will have a great time in my tour. Throughout my 6 years of tour guiding experiences, I have guided hundreds of Taipei one-day tours, multi-day tours and round-island tours, and I am flexible to readjust itinerary on the spot to satisfy customer's personal request.
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    Jeffery Peng
    Expertise: New Tour! / 1-Day Tour / Multi-day Tour / Your Private Tour / Cultural Experience / Foodie Tour / Adventure Tour /
    Taiwan is a country of warm hospitality. Tourists can see flower blossom in spring, go to Alishan in summer, and enjoy hot spring and Christmas shopping with me. If you wake up late or have fewer itineraries, I can also plan a flexible customized tour for you. To travel to Taiwan, Taroko Gorge is the best attraction you can’t miss. Also, don’t forget to explore the unique Taitung aboriginal culture. In western Taiwan, I would recommend the humanistic Lukang Old-street, beautiful Sun Moon Lake, Alishan Forest and, Kenting beach as your destination.
  • English / Chinese / Taiwanese
    Joshua Chiu
    Expertise: 1-Day Tour / Natural Wonders / Multi-day Tour / Foodie Tour /
    "For visitors who are first time to Taiwan, I will lead them to the classic day tours such as Yeliu, Jiufen, Shifen, Yangminshan national park, Tamshui and Yilan. The classic multi-day tour includes Sun-moon lake, Alishan, Kenting, Toroko gorge and temples. Between interesting points, finding food to have is very important activity from night markets, restaurants and stalls. There is no other way better than food to recover our body and be familiar with a new city. For visitors who already came to Taiwan several times, I will lead them to season-limited tour such as surfing, flower watching, bird watching, firefly watching and indigenous tribes visiting. The most important thing is to collect the memorable experience."
  • English / Chinese
    Expertise: 1-Day Tour / Natural Wonders / Multi-day Tour / Cultural Experience / Foodie Tour / Adventure Tour /
    Hi, my name is Henry. Welcome to Taiwan! I'm a tour guide, photographer, and travel blogger. In my tour, I will show you how to travel like a local, eat like a foodie, and enjoy the lifestyle like a native. So join me and anticipate seeing famous scenic spots, hidden places, and the best of Taiwan!
  • English / Chinese
    Sonny Chou
    Expertise: New Tour! / 1-Day Tour / Multi-day Tour / Cultural Experience /
    I want to bring tourists to feel Taiwan by experiencing aboriginal and Chinese culture. When a Portugal sailor passed by eastern Taiwan in the 16th century, he called Taiwan Ilha Formosa (beautiful island). On this 3.6 square meter island, there are four distinct seasons, natural resources and historical culture. Friends, be open-minded with all the new things. I will bring you to experience the warmth of Taiwanese and the famous street food. Hope you all will share all the Taiwan experience in your hometown because you are also a member of Ilha Formosa!
  • English / Chinese / Taiwanese
    Kevin Wu
    Expertise: Multi-day Tour / Foodie Tour / Adventure Tour /
    I have made a living from being a tour guide for about 8 years. Through these years, I’ve met good friends from different countries. I lead these friends to learn more about Taiwan. These friends also lead me to know more about my homeland. Taiwan is a little island with a size of only 35000 km². But I would say this land can definitely provide the way tourists want to travel. If you come to Taiwan, I will satisfy all your needs. Everyone wants to meet a good tour guide. And I do, too. So my principle is to treat travelers as I would have my tour guide treat me.