Top 10 Traditional Breakfasts in Taiwan

“There are lots of breakfasts here, in our favorite breakfast store.”(From a famous Taiwanese song called “Morning, Beautiful Day” 早安晨之美)

In Taiwan, there are so many choices of Taiwanese breakfasts. In the early morning, around 6 am, you will see breakfast stores have already been open for a while. The store owners might be busy preparing the mouth-watering breakfasts for the customers. For some people, eating breakfast is the motivation to get up early. The following are the top 10 delicious breakfasts in Taiwan. Let’s check it out.

  • Egg Pancakes 蛋餅(Dan Bing): It may seem a humble street food, but back in 1950′, it was something luxury. During the time lack of supplies, eggs were regarded as the best available nutrition. So parents added an egg into the scallion pancake for their kid. That’s the original form of egg pancake. Nowadays, Taiwanese add more ingredients to the pancake. You can see some people have their pancakes full of stuffing, but the original flavor is always irreplaceable.
  • Soy Milk/ Rice & Peanut Milk 豆漿/米漿: A lot of people have milk in their breakfast. Before western culture has its influence in Taiwan, people drink soy milk. It is also a beverage rich in protein. To be a true Taiwanese foodie, you can dip the youtiao into the soy milk. It may look weird, but it is a classic way to start a brand new day. While soy milk taste smooth, rice & peanut milk taste dense.
  • Congee 粥: Traditionally, Taiwanese’ diet was based on rice. People simply cook rice with water then add some other ingredients. For some foreigners, they only have congee when they are sick and have trouble indigestion.(Some even say the congee look loke puke). You can regard it as rice soaked in broth, added with meat and vegetables.
  • Steamed Dumplings 小籠包: If you want to try xiao long baos, you don’t really have to go to Din Tai Fung. Maybe the breakfast store around your hotel also sells them so you don’t even have to wait in line for a long time! Pinch one with chopsticks then put it into your spoon with soy sauce and put some shred ginger on the top. Take a deep breath and then put it in your mouth. Feel the heavenly moment when the juicy bum exploded in your mouth. 
  • Potstickers 鍋貼: Potstickers are similar to dumplings, but they are cooked in different ways. We fry the potstickers on the pan and boil the dumplings in the water. The skins of potstickers are fried so they taste crispy outside but soft inside.
  • Radish Cake蘿蔔糕
  • Clay oven rolls with an Fried Bread Stick inside 燒餅夾油條
  • Rice and Vegetable Roll 飯糰
  • Spring Onion Pancake 蔥油餅
  • Steamed Bun 饅頭


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