23815503 - thermal valley beitou taipei
23815503 - thermal valley beitou taipei

How do Taiwanese relax in winter? It’s hot spring! A soak in hot springs has been a vital part of Taiwanese culture for a long time. Due to Taiwan’s abundant volcanoes, there are several hot springs spots in Taiwan, one of which is Beitou.

You don’t have to travel far to experience a refreshing dip since Beitou (Also read: Top 5 things to Do in Beitou) is only 30 minutes away from the downtown, making it easier for people to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. There’s nothing like taking a dip in hot springs to relax your muscles and clear your mind after an intense day. (Read more: What else can you do around Yamingshan and Betiou?)

23815503 - thermal valley beitou taipei

“ Beitou Thermal Valley(Hell Valley) ”

Taiwan’s hot springs are all over the places in Taiwan, including sulfur spring in Yangminshan(Also Read:16 Days Trip Around Taiwan II: Yangmingshan) and Beitou, sodium bicarbonate spring in Wu-lai and Jiaoxi, volcanic mud spring in southern Taiwan, etc. There are even around 400 duly-registered hot spring hotels in Taiwan. The relaxing feeling, as well as the effect of maintaining beauty, makes Taiwan a great spot for hot spring culture.

陽明山國家公園 梗子坪硫磺谷SPC-000445.jpg

“ Yangmingshan National Park ”


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You can have a few glimpses of Yangmingshan in this vedio

What’s the difference between different types of hot springs? First of all, sulfur spring in Yangminshan and Beitou is either yellowish-brown or turbid, which will soothe your muscles well. Secondly, sodium bicarbonate spring in Wu-lai and Jiaoxi is
colorless and tasteless. Since it’s good for skin, it is also called beauty hot spring. As for volcanic mud spring in southern Taiwan, it will clean off the cuticle.


Aside from soaking in hot water, you have the chance to experience various activities relating to hot springs. Boil eggs in hot spring! You eat eggs every day, but we bet you’ve never tried eggs with hot spring flavor! Threw eggs into the hot spring, wait for 8 to 10 minutes, rinse the eggs with cold water, and then you can taste your hot spring eggs! Isn’t it intriguing?

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