If you’ve once traveled to other countries and introduced Taiwan to foreign friends, you will find it surprising that a lot of people mistake Taiwan for Thailand (Read more: Taiwan or Thailand? A Travel Comparison) Because the pronunciations between Taiwan and Thailand are too similar, lots of people get confused easily. Actually, if you observe these two countries closely, there are countless differences between them. Let me tell you how they vary from different aspects. (10 Illustrations Show How Different Taiwan and Thailand Are)

  • The shape of the countries

Taiwan looks like a sweet potato while Thailand looks like an elephant.

Taiwan Is Not Thailand-2

Taiwan vs Thailand: The shape of countries

  • Location

Taiwan is located in East Asia, while Thailand is positioned in Southeast Asia.

Taiwan Is Not Thailand-1

Taiwan vs Thailand: Location

  • The Most Famous Drink

The most famous drink in Taiwan is bubble milk tea, which will be added with chewy tapioca balls. In Thailand, there is Thai tea, which is also milk tea but it’s added with condensed milk. It is full of flavor and tastes dense and rich.


Taiwan Is Not Thailand-3

Taiwan vs Thailand: The Most Famous Drink


  • The weirdest Food

The weirdest food in Taiwan is pig blood cake, which is literally made of pig blood and rice, while in Thailand, they eat fried insects (all kinds of insects!)

Taiwan Is Not Thailand-4

Taiwan vs Thailand: The weirdest Food

  • Language

Taiwanese mainly speak Mandarin, while Thai people speak Thai.

Taiwan Is Not Thailand-5

Taiwan vs Thailand: Language

  • Temple

The structures of the temples are different. Taiwanese temples usually feature flat roofs, while Thai temples usually feature tall steeples.


Taiwan Is Not Thailand-6

Taiwan vs Thailand: Temple

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  • Celebration of New Year

In Taiwan, parents and relatives give children red envelopes in New Year. They also light fireworks to get rid of bad luck. Thailand has Songkarn Festival in New Year. They believe water is symbolic of purity.

Taiwan Is Not Thailand-7

Taiwan vs Thailand: Celebration of New Year

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  • Money

You pay Taiwan New Dollar (NT) in Taiwan, while you pay Baht in Thailand. But the currencies are about the same value.

Taiwan Is Not Thailand-8

Taiwan vs Thailand: Currency

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Great difference described…
Loved post.

This is actually kind of funnny that people look at taiwan and Thailand are the same before I see this article

There are many places in Taiwan different from Thailand!