Jasmine, who was born in Thailand and I have been in love for two years. To celebrate our two-year anniversary, we decided to participate in a Taipei private tour to Jiufen on this holiday vacation. (To visit Jiufen, you can join Jiufen & Pingxi Day Tour with Justaiwantour. )

After arriving in Jiufen, we were starving so we quickly found a vender, Zhang Ji Traditional Fishballs to full our stomach.



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                   Popiah-The Traditional Fast-food In Taiwan



The vendor has so many options from sweet to savory. Since we both like to eat savory snacks before sweets, we decided to try savory ones, Taro and Pickled Radish. The green one with chewy sticky mochi-like texture and savory pickled radish filling are yummy. Jasmine and I love it so much. She keeps talking about it even after coming back to Thailand for a few months. Then, we saw the famous vendor, Jin Zhi Red Yeast Rice Meat Ball, though the shop was packed with customers, we decided to give it a try too.

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We ordered a few snacks but their Fuzhou Fish Balls stand out the most. Imagine bouncy fish ball filled with savory juicy minced pork in comforting broth. That match so perfect!


We truly enjoy the Taipei day tour to Jiufen and can’t wait to participate in another tour to Jiufen next year.


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