Taiwan is a place worth visiting again and again. In this island, you can find different cultural or religious events to participate in and various natural environments to explore in different seasons. While Jiufen, Pingxi and Yehliu catch tourist eyes all the time, Laomei, a humble fishing with tranquility worth your attention in spring. You probably never hear of Laomei, but the seasonal, exclusive green reef in Laomei was selected by CNN (Read also: Taiwan’s most beautiful places by CNN) as one of the most stunning sceneries in Taiwan. Every year when spring covers the coast reef with emerald silk, you know it is time to hit the road to Laomei. (Read also: Laomei Green Reef – The Incredible Phenomenon That Happens Only In April & May Annually)

Laomei green reef is located at the north coast of Taiwan, now it becomes famous because of its incredible wave-cut volcanic lava covered with green seaweeds.

How did the green reef come into existence?

The origin of the unique scenery can be traced back at least ten thousand years ago when the volcanoes in the Datun Mountain range erupted. The lava sprawled to the coast, cooled down and solidified into volcanic rock by the sea. The waves slap the rocks and cause the differential erosion-the soft layer of the rock washed out by the wave while the hard layer of the rock staying existent.

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The northeast monsoon leaves the spores of algae to the trench-like reef, which is the perfect shelter for the algae to live. When the spring comes, the warm wind blows the spores into growing, helping to form the verdant carpet that attracts crowds of people gather to see.

The Best time for visiting

The best season to observe the green reef is from March to May, while the sunlight is warm to grow the algae but not too scorching to kill them. For photographers, it is highly recommended to come here at dawn and dusk, when they can capture the emerald reef with colorful sunglow reflecting the water.

sunset at Laomei green reef, northern coast in Taipei

Before you go

If you are already eager to pack your camera for the best shots, we kindly offer you some tips. First of all, check out the time of low tide. Don’t miss out this important information, you don’t want to see the reef sunken under the water, do you?

Secondly, don’t be an ass, do not walk onto the reef. It is everyone’s duty to protect the environment. It would make it hard for the vegetation to survive if people keep treading on them. You can easily enjoy the natural beauty of the reef without walking all over it. Besides, the reef is very slippery so you may fall down while you are walking on it. Therefore, for the sake of the environment and your personal safety, just walk on the sandy beach.

How to get there?

To visit this seasonal attraction, you can take Taipei metro to Tamsui station. Then take bus 862,863 or 892 and get off at Laomei bus station. Does it sound too complicated for you? Don’t worry, we offer a package tour for you. (Product Link) In the tour, you can not only see Laomei green reef but also visit the most popular spot-Jiufen and Yehliu.   You can be totally carefree, just follow the step of the tour guide and enjoy the scenery along the north coast. The only concern for you may be that there would not be enough space to save your picture.

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