Day tour Taiwan recommended: Dreamy lanterns of Pingxi

Pingxi is an adorable district of New Taipei City, in which you can experience both the cultural and the natural side of Taiwan. Pingxi is located in the mountain area, so it is one of the best spots to escape the summer heat in the city. Have been seeing the amazing view of sky lanterns floating into the air in many traveling videos of Taiwan, it is exciting and a dream come true to finally see them with our own eyes. However, public transportation could be long and not so comfortable, that is to say, that traveling here by a charter car or van is a much more ideal choice. It would be also more convenient to visit nearby sites as well.

One thing tourists love to do in Pingxi is to release sky lanterns. There are plenty of shops to choose from, and a variety of sizes and colors of lanterns. When you’ve decided on your lantern, you may write down your wishes with a writing brush. Setting your sky lantern into the sky represents sending your wishes up to the sky. Despite the popular activity, few of us know about the story and origin of this practice. People back in the days, sky lanterns were to warn each other about upcoming dangers, since they live in the mountains.

Other than experiencing this cultural bit of Pingxi, there is another great site to visit nearby, just a ten-minute car ride away. The Shihfen waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Taiwan. Shihfen waterfall is up to 20 meters tall, which is absolutely astonishing to see. Other than the breathtaking fall, you can also enjoy the cool breeze of nature and scent the calmness of the mountains. It is very relaxing to just stand by the fall and admire the beauty of nature.

For being located only 16km away from the port of Keelung, Pingxi is a great place for a one day tour for a cruise stop in Taiwan. Spend half an hour and you would not regret making the decision to travel to Pingxi. A quick escape from your busy everyday life has never been more easy.


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