In Taiwan, there are various ways of celebrating the Lantern Festival. In the early stage, Taiwanese used to hold lanterns on this holiday. Several local temples even organize lantern fairs to attract visitors and believers. Nowadays, these fairs become a national activity. (Read More: How Sky Lantern Involved in Eco-Conflicts & What Eco-Lantern Can Help)

“Hold Lanterns & Enjoy Colorful Lanterns”

Lanterns are made of thin bamboo and steel wire as a framework. After completing the framework, they will be stuck and covered by paper, plastic or gauze. Inside them, candles will be put to lighten the lanterns. Every year, a few days before and after this holiday, houses, buildings and temples will be decorated with various lanterns, which is gorgeous.



“Guess Riddles”

People write riddles on the lanterns and let people to guess the answers. Whenever the participants guess right, they will be given presents.


“Eat Rice Dumplings”

Rice dumpling is a famous delicacy in Taiwan. It’s round, soft and chewy, which also represents gathering and happiness.

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          “Lantern Festival”

Lantern Festival is a national holiday. Every year, there are lots of beautiful lanterns that attracts visitors. Lantern Festival this year will take place at Southern Branch of National Palace Museum in Chiayi from Mar. 3rd to Mar. 11th.

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Watch the video → 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Chiayi518_1920X1080

Yuejin Lantern Festival is also the highlight


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At Puji Temple, artists and locals draw their own lantern to make the decoration. Come here to find out  your favorite piece of work

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