Wild Taiwan Guide: Explore Taroko Gorge and East Rift Valley

Taiwan, a wild island with nature, has many attractions worth exploring like Taroko Gorge and East Rift Valley. To travel in the mountains, please follow us southbound from Hualien to Taitung. Hualien and Taitung are where the most aborigine tribe located in Taiwan and also has the most natural scenic spots. Let’s go sightseeing in this beautiful place.

Drive through the tunnel, we are on the Qingshui Cliff. This marble cliff rises vertically from the Pacific Ocean. The sparkling stone beach comes into view, marking the beginning of this wild Taiwan journey. Ocean waves crash the shore, making the eternal sound back and forth. Calm down with the sound of waves from the far and deep Pacific Ocean.

Going deeper and deeper, we will see the magnificent Taroko Gorge. Seeing Changchun (Eternal Spring) waterfall gush out of the rock into the waterfall and carve the marble gorge all year round, Changchun Shrine offers not only a place to rest and visit but also commemorate the devotion of establishing Central Cross-Island Highway crew. Walking into the mountains, we will get to Tianxiang.

There is a Catholic church, Pudu suspension bridge, White Robed Guanyin Statue, Tian Feng Pagoda, Giant Statute of the Bodhisattva, Xiangde Temple, and Daxiong Baodian temple in Tianxiang. You can enjoy the peaceful religious atmosphere and feel the bird chirping while you go through the bridge. Apart from Taroko Gorge, Hualien also has many places to go. You can try the exciting rafting in Xiuguluan River, eat local street food at the Dongdamen Night Market, and stay in the old Japanese wood house—Hualien Tourism Sugar Factory.

As we go south, we will get to East Rift Valley. East Rift Valley is between the Central Mountain Range and the Coastal Mountain Range. Liyu Lake welcomes tourists first in East Rift Valley. You can have light-boat sailing and biking around this natural lake. If outdoor enthusiasts are still unsatisfied, you can hike in the forest footpaths in the adjacent Liyu Mountain. After hiking, you can go south for the Lintian Mountain Forestry Center. This fully-functional lumbering community was established during Taiwan under Japanese rule. Now it is a forestry culture and history center to exhibit the memories like lumbering machines, faded pictures, and yellowing document.

After having so much fun in the mountains, we can go biking on Brown Boulevard. The vast rice field may help you get rid of the busy life in city. During autumn, the green filed will turn to brown. And the rice spike will swing with the wind. After that, going down, you can watch the hot balloons in Luye Highlands. The 2019 Taiwan International Balloon Festival will kick off on 6/29. Apart from watching and riding hot balloons, tourists can also try Paragliding here. As for more scenic spots in East Rift Valley, you can check it on our website.

After the wild Taiwan journey, you can explore another side of Taiwan like the fast-paced Taipei, the leisure Taichung, or the harbor Kaohsiung. For the outdoor lovers, don’t miss to go snorkeling in Green Island and feel the ocean in Orchid Island.


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