Though the temperature at noon is still sweltering, you can still feel the autumn chill in the morning. As the temperature drop, it’s a great time for maple viewing. Though Taiwan is situated in the subtropical zone, the alpine areas still feature a temperate climate with different seasonal scenery. The higher the altitude, the sooner the maples turn golden and cardinal. While the trees are dressing up with new makeups, here are some recommended spots you can keep on the autumn to go list.

Xizhi Gongbei Temple

Every year after the first cold current goes across Taiwan, the maple trees at Gonbei Temple start to turn red. The temple is located in the mountain with an altitude of 139 meters. It’s an easy trail for elders and children.

新北、汐止 | 百年古剎裡的一抹楓紅「拱北殿」| 北部紅葉狩景點、汐止景點 (附交通資訊) @偽日本人May.食遊玩樂
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紅葉 楓葉 台灣紅葉 台灣楓葉 台灣賞楓 拱北殿 拱北殿紅葉 拱北殿楓葉 拱北殿賞楓 彼岸橋 台灣賞楓秘境 台灣賞楓 台灣賞楓景點 台灣花季 台灣好去處 台灣必去 踏青好去處 台灣踏青好去處 台灣踏青 南部賞楓景點 北部賞楓景點 中部賞楓景點
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Best time to visit: December

Taipei Aowanda Manor

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Taipei Aowanda features a European style garden. It will be pleasant to have some afternoon tea in the rust-red woods. The manor is just around Yangminghan, so why don’t you also have a half-day hiking tour?

Best time to visit: November to December

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Taoyuan Shimen Reservoir  

桃園森呼吸!石門水庫美景整片黃澄的「楓葉步道」 | Reco新聞
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When it is autumn and winter, the maples dye the valleys into ocher red. Though the maples around the reservoir are not as brilliant as those in the alpine, the view is still attractive with bleak beauty.  

Best time to visit: November to December

Hsinchu Smarcus


Smarcus tribe is the last community connected to high ways. It is isolated and independent, keeping the original style of Atayal. The village is tranquil and plain. The magnificent mountain and the sublime God’s wood forest make it a dreamland on the earth.

Best time to visit: December

Miaoli Manabon Mountain

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Manabon Mountain is the sacred mountain of the Atayal people. The mountain can be visited all year round. Between autumn and winter, the maples along the mountain ridge gradually turn red. It’s one of the must-visit trails for the hikers.

Best time to visit: November to December

Yilan Mingchi

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The mist covers Mingchi with a poetic ambiance, making it the gem on the Northern Cross Mountain high way. It’s a picturesque scene when the lake reflects orange Larix pine and maples with verdant mountains and azure sky as a background.

Best time to visit: November to December

Yilan Taiping Mountain

太平山紫葉槭綻放了夏天也可以賞楓紅| 基宜花東| 地方| 聯合新聞網

Visitors can see red leaves on the central trail in Taiping Mountain. The maple trees start turning red in April, and the red fire can burn for 5 months. And don’t forget to visit other hiking trails in Taiping Mountain. You can get a complete travel plan here.

Best time to visit: June to August; November to December

Another suggestion for your tour plan in Yilan: Matcha Mountain

Wulin Farm

The altitude of the farm is between 1800 and 2600 meters. If you plan to view the autumn maple, remember to visit Qijiawan Creek, which is the habitat of the precious Formosan landlocked salmon.

Aowanda National Forest Recreational Area

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Aowanda is definitely the best place for maple viewing. It has the biggest maple woods in Taiwan. The best spot for maple viewing is on the suspended bridge toward the pine woods, where you can have a close shot of the valley and see the snow covering Central Mountain Ridge. 

Best season to visit: October to December

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