Private tour to Jiufen

My girlfriend Jenny who come from Canada and I have participated in a Taipei private tour to Jiufen. As there is a vast array of food choices at Jiufen, many bloggers have taken it upon themselves to highlight the must-eats there. Since we expected to stay in Jiufen for only 2 hours, the tour guide quickly took us to the stall we wanted to eat, let us eat all the food we wanted to eat.

Among all these delicious and local street food on the Jiufen old street. We get the best taro ball dessert, A-Gan Yi Taro Ball shop. We follow the sign at the back of the shop and end up at a dining area where we can enjoy our dessert with a historic Jiufen’s old street view combining with the multiple stairways among the tiny ally. It was such a perfect enjoyment I had ever experience.

Our favorite street eats were these grilled sea snails. After taking them off the barbecue, the stall owner washed them in boiling water, then sprinkled some five-spice powder on them. We tried something similar at the Shilin Night Market but it was nowhere as good as this!

When It comes to ice cream roll, A-Zhu Peanut Ice Cream Roll was mentioned in almost every food blogger’s post about Jiufen. Being known for taro ice cream, grounded peanut and popiah skin went so well together!There are a good number of teahouses to visit in Jiufen, but the most well-known must be Amei Tea house, which was famous for its resemblance to the bathhouse in ‘Spirited Away’, the acclaimed fantasy film by Hayao Miyazaki that’s animated by Studio Ghibli. This is also the best place to enjoy those amazing views with the good-tasting oolong tea and hang out with friends the whole day. This was the most unforgettable private tour to Jiufen for us ever.


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Something about Taipei 101 you don’t know

Inverted image of TAIPEI 101

The eastern side 17:00~18:00


During this period of time, visitors can ascend to the observatory on the 89th floor and see the inverted image of TAIPEI 101 leaning on Elephant Mountain.


Infinity Sky

The heavens and earth are reflected and mirrored in a massive kaleidoscope surrounding our visitors, allowing them to enjoy a visual experience that seems to place the very heavens and earth directly into their hands.

*Reminder: for visitors wearing miniskirts, please be aware that the glass floor may be reflective.


Outdoor landscapes on the 91st floor

Taipei Skyline

On the highest outdoor observatory, visitors can temporarily experience the strength of the wind and take the closer look at the 508-meter peak on the top of Taipei 101.


Taipei 101 Run Up

There are 2,046 stairs from the 1st to 91st floor. We would like to invite you to run for the finish line resembling TAIPEI 101’s highest glory.

2018 TAIPEI 101 New Year Show


Crowd of a Million Gathered in front of City Hall for the Count Down
Fireworks Show Combined with Multimedia Display for the First Time
Full 360 Seconds of Excitement


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Moon Festival Is Coming Soon

What is Moon Festival?

Moon Festival is also called Mid-Autumn Festival, which is one of the most famous festivals in Taiwan. On this day, families and relatives gather, eat moon cakes, and barbecue together.

Actually, long time ago, there was a time people couldn’t bear the rule of the government. A brave man, Zhu Yuanzhang, came up with a brilliant idea and stuffed hiding notes with “Uprise on the night of August 15th” in mooncakes, which made it easier to pass messages and successfully staged an uprising. Since then, eating moon cakes has been a custom on Mid-Autumn Festival. What really interesting is that typical moon cakes are round, and round sounds similar to gathering and reunion in Mandarin.


On last Saturday, to celebrate the up-coming festival, we organized a day tour for foreign visitors from all over the world. The bakers at Guo Yuanyi Museum of Cake and Pastry taught them how to knead the dough, stuff the sweet fillings in the moon cakes.


After that, they also enjoy their tea time and pastry. They mentioned that they had so much fun there.


What’s more, they put on traditional Chinese costumes, acting like the brides and grooms. It seemed like they travel back in time, which is so cool.


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How to Make Moon Cakes?


  1. Mix the golden syrup, alkaline water and oil well. Sift in the flour. Knead into a dough. Cover with film wrap and rest for 40 minutes.
  2. Mix egg yolks with wine.
  3. Cut into 12 equal portions.
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    1. Whisk the egg yolk with the egg white. Sift through a fine sieve.
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      1. Divide the dough into 12 equal portions. Roll each portion into a small ball shape.
      2. Place the egg yolk inside and roll and shape into a ball.
      3. Bake in the preheated oven for about 10 to 12 minutes.
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        Of course, you probably can not make such  beautiful shape of moon cakes. And what you need is a moon cake master.

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Taiwan Is Not Thailand

If you’ve once traveled to other countries, and introduced Taiwan to foreign friends, you will find it surprising that a lot of people mistake Taiwan for Thailand. Because the pronunciations between Taiwan and Thailand are too similar, lots of people get confused easily. Actually, if you observe these two countries closely, there are countless differences between them. Let me tell you how they vary from different aspects.

  • The shape of country

Taiwan looks like a sweet potato. Thailand looks like an elephant.

Taiwan Is Not Thailand-2
Taiwan vs Thailand: The shape of country

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