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Do you think Taiwan 7-11 and Family Mart are the only place you can grab your food when there are no restaurants remain open during midnight? You are so wrong! Taipei is still vivid when most people having their sweet dream. Here are several restaurants which can satisfy night owls by providing “late night supper”. Hop on our Taiwan Food Tour, let’s start!

Ah Cai Shi Mu Yu Du

One of my favorite late night supper in Taipei! “Shi Mu Yu Du” means “Milkfish’s belly” in Mandarin. Milkfish is distributed Asia and has been widely eaten in Taiwan. Milkfish is an extremely “bony” fish. Its white meat has a mild flavor that makes the fish good for a variety of cooking preparations.

Braised, pan fried and souped Milkfish’s belly are served here in Ah Cai Shi Mu Yu Du. Besides Milkfish, clam soup is highly recommended to order as well. Be aware that there often will be a long queue before the restaurant opened at 10 (and sometimes it doesn’t open on time…)

  • Address: No. 53, Neijiang Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City
  • Nearest MRT: Ximen Station Exit 1
  • Opening Hour: Sunday to Friday 22:00-05:00

Taiwan Beef Noodles · Chicken Soup

This restaurant doesn’t have fancy name, they put their proudly made products as their store name. Except for beef noodle and chicken soup, they also offer a variety of noodle dishes and other “Military Kindred Village” style foods.

  • Address 1: No. 85, Section 4, Civic Blvd, Songshan District, Taipei City
  • Nearest MRT: Zhongxiao Dunhua Station Exit 9
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Saturday 18:00-04:00
  • Address 2: No. 26, Aly. 20, Songshou Road Songshan District, Taipei City (inside the Neo19 building)
  • Nearest MRT: Xiangshan Station Exit 1
  • Opening Hour: 11:00-04:00 everyday

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台北/松山區【牛肉麵.雞湯】 一家營業到深夜的好滋味,位在東區的超熱門牛肉麵。 – • 紅燒大三元牛肉麵 / $230(小碗) • 招牌香辣乾拌麵 / $75(大碗) • 蛤蜊雞湯 / $120 • 牛原汁花干 / $40 • 麻醬拍黃瓜 / $60 – 雖然外頭天氣很炎熱,但常常待在冷氣房裡的我們,總會想著要喝上一碗熱熱的湯,好平衡一下身體(就只是想喝湯找一堆莫名其妙的理由)。每次到晚上很想吃宵夜又不想太負擔,就會想要買這家的雞湯Uber Eats呢! · 喝下牛肉麵的湯頭,明顯的感受的到這認真實在的滋味,用牛大骨熬煮之外,還加入了老母雞、雞腳等等,也難怪喝起來的湯除了甘甜,還多了股抿嘴的黏稠感,加入兩種豆瓣醬的滋味,更是渾厚許多。搭配上燉的軟嫩的牛肉、牛肚與那讓人回味的牛筋,以及帶勁的寬麵條,都成就了這碗美好。 · 招牌都打了大大的雞湯二字,當然也不能小覷,一盅盅燉好的雞湯點了趁熱送上,蛤蜊雞湯鮮味十足,湯頭清澈又回甘,讓我們都瘋搶了一番。喜歡吃辣的也不妨試試這帶點酸辣氣息又很夠味的香辣乾拌麵哦! · 不過小菜就比較可惜了一點,牛原汁花干總覺得不夠入味,而黃瓜上的麻醬,也有點稍嫌不夠味,讓麻醬多了份苦澀的氣息… – 🍽18:00-04:00(周日公休) 📞02 2778 7776 📍台北市松山區市民大道四段85號 🚆忠孝復興捷運站 – #台北城市記憶 #忠孝復興城市記憶 – #台北 #台北美食 #牛肉麵雞湯 #牛肉麵 #雞湯 #乾麵 #台灣小吃 #小吃記憶 #東區美食 #東區 #忠孝復興 #忠孝復興美食 #taiwan #taiwanesefood #beefnoodles #台北吃麵城市記憶

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Ichiran Taipei

Ichiran is popular Ramen chains in Japan especially for foreigners, you always need to wait for a long queue all the time. Ichiran Ramen Taipei main store was opened in 2017 in Xingyi District and the branch in 2018.

To be famous for Tonkotsu (pork-based broth), Ichiran’s ramen tastes milky and sweet, mixed with smooth-thin noodles and topped with sliced pork and their original spicy red sauce. The special made red sauce is highly recommended to the people who likes spicy.

The queue was insane since its grand opening back in 2017, even Ichiran provides 24-hour service, but there are still chances to wait more than hours when you arrived. Then, the brand opened in 2018, the queue eased a bit. The branch sits in B1 of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Place A11, just within 5 minutes’ walk. Nowadays, you won’t be waiting more than 30 minutes if avoiding meal time.

  • Main Store Address: No. 97, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
  • Nearest MRT: Xiangshan Station Exit 1
  • Opening Hour: 24 hours everyday
  • Branch Store Address: B1F., No. 11, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City (inside Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Place A11)
  • Nearest MRT: Xiangshan Station Exit 1
  • Opening Hour: 24 hours everyday

Longmen Tavern Dumpling Restaurant

Hide in a bungalow mostly made of wooden, Longmen Tavern offes “Military Dependents’ Village” style cuisine for 60 years. A military dependents’ village is a community in Taiwan built in the late 1940s and the 1950s who served as provisional housing for soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines of the Republic of China Armed Forces, along with their dependents from mainland China after the Government of the Republic of China (ROC) and the Kuomintang (KMT) retreated to Taiwan in 1949.

Being offspring of this community, Mr. Jiang, the chef of Longmen Tavern Dumpling Restaurant, has deliver their culture and the history to Taiwanese. Though it is a dumpling restaurant, the favorite dish for the customers is braised food! Don’t forget to order braised food when you visit this historical restaurant.

  • Address: No. 19, Lane 61, Linsen South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
  • Nearest MRT: Shandao Temple Station Exit 5
  • Opening Hour: Tuesday to Sunday 17:00-23:00

12 Hot Pot – Fresh

12 Hot Pot is a chain restaurant offering affordable stone pot. What makes stone pot different from the original ones, is that some ingredients (like onion and sesame oil) fried in the stone pot before pouring broth inside. The soup is unbelievably in my personal opinion, you should try! In 12 hot pot, you won’t be awkward to eat alone, there are both individual seated and share pot.

Normal 12 Hot Pot is opened til 22:00, but 12 Hot Pot – Fresh only in Shilin is accompanying you til midnight! The special edition 12 Hot Pot: 12 Hot Pot has spacious dining environment, night owl friendly opening hour and more options on the menu. Last but not least, there are special promotion after 22:00.

  • Address: No. 183-185, Lane 61, Zhongzheng Road, Shilin District, Taipei City
  • Nearest MRT: Shilin Station Exit 1
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Thursday 11:30-24:00; Friday to Sunday 11:30-01:00

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有經過士林中正路的一定有發現 出現了一家好漂亮好大的餐廳 而這間餐廳就是石二鍋最新的FRESH士林中正店!!!!! 有別於以往的綠 石二鍋經典Fresh店用的是青色作為整體的視覺 整體環境很挑高 用餐環境明亮不壓迫 新的裝潢也很時髦 且無論幾人 想要共鍋還是分鍋 都有相對應的座位可以選擇 除此之外也提供了石頭鍋以外更多的菜色 因為顏蘵在我們依然選了最經典的石頭鍋 但媽媽我好想試試大紅袍麻辣鍋湯底剝皮辣椒鍋呀!! 隔壁桌逸歡一直說好吃 下次一定要再去 ! 而主餐的肉類很推薦櫻桃鴨肉和鮮切桂丁雞胸肉 菜單上多了這些嚴選台灣產地直送 並且是理念的好食材入主餐 也貫徹石二鍋一直以來的安心主軸 選用溯源、非基改的食材與原塊肉 不需要花大錢 也可以吃到好的有理念的食材是最棒的事了 此外 這間石二鍋假日營業到一點 士林北投的朋友多了一間宵夜新選擇了啦 而且 專屬宵夜場還有活動! 22:00後入店用餐 就可以有套餐無痛升級為大菜盤+大肉盤組合 天 宵夜吃起來!! 餐廳資訊: 石二鍋 Fresh 8/17 盛大開幕! 店址 台北市士林區中正路 183-185 號 電話 02-28834618 營業時間 週一~週四 11:30-00:00 (最後點餐時間 23:00) 週五與國定例假日 11:30-01:00 (最後點餐時間 00:00) #石二鍋經典FRESH士林中正店 #石二鍋經典FRESH店 #台北美食 #台北火鍋

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Four Sea Soy Milk

The funny truth is that, there are “XXXX Soy Milk” everywhere, and there are actually breakfast restaurant! They probably sell authentic Chinese breakfast such as Flaky Oven Baked Bun, Rice Roll, Egg Crêpe, Soy Milk and Peanut Soy Milk.

  • Address: No. 232, Section 2, Jinshan South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City
  • Nearest MRT: Guting Station Exit 5
  • Opening Hour: Monday to Friday 19:00-11:30; Saturday and Sunday 19:00-24:00

Taiwan is a paradise of food, no matter you are having Taiwan tour on your own, or Taiwan family trip, adding a Taipei day tour for a food tour is necessary!

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