Since we celebrated Tom’s birthday in Jiufen district last year and both of us couldn’t forget this meaningful and special place so we came back this year. We planned to visit Pingxi this time because I heard that Pingxi is famous for its “Pingxi Lantern festival” and it’s a nice dating location for couples. It was said that if people write their wishes on the lantern sincerely and flown high into the sky, all the wishes would come true. I wanted to fly our own lantern this time.
We booked a Taiwan tour for our whole journey in order to save time waiting for public transportation and be more flexible during the trip. Both Jiufen and Pingxi are rich in their culture and history, we strolled around Pingxi old street where was a must-see spot. Our tour guide told us that sky lanterns were made of papers and wood sticks so they could fly high because they were light and chic. He also shared with us the site where could view the best scene when lanterns flied into the sky at night and how to fly it high. We had a gorgeous experience in Pingxi this time.

On the other hand, our guide served us well during our Taipei day tour too. Tom loved night markets very much so our guide drove us to many different night markets around the city. There were a massive number of people even on weekdays. Compare to Pingxi’s one of a kind old street, night markets are more like a traditional market and where you can have a lot of fun because there are many games which you can win gifts. We were very grateful to the chance we had to come back to celebrate our second year together, especially in this amazing Taipei private tour with each other.

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