Since my brother and sister decided to go on a trip with our parents, we went to Japan for our first stop and Taiwan family trip for the next. This was our first time in Asia and I heard that both Japan and Taiwan were famous for their security and personal safety so they became our first choice to travel. We determined not to take our kids with us in order to just stay focus on this Taiwan tour and take good care of our precious parents. My sister reserved a chartered car before we arrived which was an ideal idea to travel with senior citizens.

Our guide took us to Taipei 101 and we went to the 88th floor where the view was so nice. We enjoyed our beers and ice creams on the highest observation deck of Taiwan. The weather was excellent and clear that day, and this became one of the vivid parts till now during our Taipei day tour. On the other hand, I wanted to share that Yehliu was as incredible as Taipei. Yehliu Geopark, where we didn’t imagine rocks could be shaped in that many shapes without artificial design but depend on natural power. My parents were fond of this landscape too. Rocks could be totally different every day because of winds、tide or rain, our guide said.

We also went to Yehliu ocean world, I thought that was a family-friends spot especially for kids. There were different stamps inside the park for kids to collect.
It was such a long time we didn’t go out with parents since we graduated, there were tons of moments I wanted to keep forever and I hoped we could travel often like this in the future. We back from Yehliu to Taipei in the evening with thankful hearts.

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