My sister Lucy is studying at Taiwan’s university, therefore, our family arrange the Taiwan tour to visit my sister at least once a year. This year, my grandparents join this Taiwan trip with us to visit Lucy. Due to my grandparents are elderly, we booked the private charter car service (book here) and local Taiwan tour guide through the Taiwan travel agency.


The university Lucy studies is located in the Northern Taiwan. Lucy recommends the Jiufen tour for the Taipei day tour itinerary. We went to Jiufen old street. Taiwanese culture food is very diverse and special for us. We tasted stinky tofu and the smell of stinky tofu is not that pleasing. Our Taipei private tour guide said that this is a well-known food for Taiwanese. We also tried peanut roll ice cream, which is a layer of crepes made of rice with ice cream, peanut powder and coriander, definitely a must try in Taiwan. (Read Also: Jiufen Food Guide: 10 Things to Eat on Jiufen Old Street, Taiwan)


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I found that Taiwanese like to eat pork and sausages everywhere. My grandparents are Muslim, so we’re not allowed to taste this food. It a pity that we are ready to challenge all kinds of crazy food… Luckily, Taiwan is almost a heaven of all religions that you can easy find halal and vegetarian restaurants! Perhaps there is “open-minded” DNA in Taiwanese culture. (Read Also: Taiwan Open-mindedness and Diversity & Muslim-friendly Environment – Taiwan Tourism Bureau & Six tourist destinations in Taipei certified as Muslim-friendly)




We walked along the old street to a clothes shop selling Chinese Cheongsam (Read Also: A Brief History Of The Cheongsam). I bought a fitted Cheongsam. This Cheongsam embroidered the white jasmine is very fresh and beautiful! Jiufen old street sells a lot of beautiful postcards and I bought a lot of souvenirs for my Arab friends.





Jiufen began to rain in the afternoon and we had to return to hotel before sunset because grandparents are devout Muslims and they must be prayed on time. The Taiwan travel guide is very coordinate with our time, let us leave Jiufen early. This is a wonderful Taipei private tour!



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