My sister Lucy is studying at Taiwan university, so our family arranges the Taiwan tour at least once a year to visit my sister. This year my grandparents also want to travel to Taiwan to visit Lucy. Because my grandparents are older, we booked the charter services and tour guide through the travel agency.

Taiwan university is located in the northern part of Taiwan. Lucy recommends the Jiufen tour can as the Taipei day tour’s travel itinerary, so we went to Jiufen old street. Taiwanese food is very diverse and special for us. We tasted the stinky tofu. I think the smell of stinky tofu is hard to like, but the tour guide said that this is a well-known food for Taiwanese. We also tasted peanut roll ice cream, which is a layer of crepes made of rice with ice cream, peanut powder, and coriander.
I found that Taiwanese like to eat pork and sell sausages everywhere, but my grandparents’ beliefs are Muslims, so we have no chance to taste this food.

We walked along the old street to a clothes shop selling Chinese cheongsam. I bought a fitted cheongsam. This cheongsam embroidered the white jasmine is very fresh and beautiful!
Jiufen old street sold a lot of beautiful postcards, so I bought a lot of postcards and wanted to give it as a commemorative gift to Arab friends.

The Jiufen weather in the afternoon began to rain and we had to arrive at the hotel before sunset because grandparents are devout Muslims and they must be prayed on time. The tour guide is very coordinate with our time, let us leave Jiufen early. This is a wonderful Taipei private tour!

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