In addition to Jiufen, if you would like to observe and experience Taiwanese culture, Pingxi is your next destination for vacation in Taipei. Reserving a Taipei private tour or other Taiwan tour packages in advance is more time-saving on transportation from Taipei to Jiufen or Pingxi. Ruifang Station (瑞芳站) is an alternative way to arrive.


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Pingxi Lantern Festival 

Why is Pingxi so famous for foreigners? Historical and cultural Pingxi lantern would be the main reason appealing to tons of travelers flocking to this place, especially during the Lantern Festival in January of the lunar calendar. Wish-covered lanterns are launched and fly through the sky with shiny fire lights, indicating many pray would come true in the following year.

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Pingxi Old Street 

This old street collects many delicious food booths, and typical stores selling handmade crafts. Moreover, besides dropping by normal small residences, you may notice some wooden houses built during the Japanese colonial era. (Read Also: Japanese tourists in Taiwan on the colonial history trail in Taipei, Tainan and Hualien)




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Most important of all, while having a bite of fried stick stuffed with pork, shrimp, cuttlefish and green onion, remember to take some pictures of lanterns flying into the sky. Along Pingxi Old Street, many travelers are occupied by the joy of writing wishes on lanterns and praying for luck. Casually roaming in this area, you can easily hear different languages, like Japanese, Korean or English, spreading out at your side; that means, here gather many wishes written in exotic words.



Interestingly, in Pingxi, you can take a look at the oldest mailbox in Taiwan. Perhaps in the old good days, it was letter conveying love and trust. At night, it’s so romantic to be with your loved one hand in hand, appreciating the sky lighting up because of lanterns. 

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