When we booked the cruise journey, we were very much looking forward to arriving at Keelung Harbor. We must go to this sacred spot: Golden Shrine Ruins, which looks like the style mix of Japanese shrine and Greek temple ruins, making a unique Taiwanese culture style.


The time for sightseeing in this Taipei shore excursion is limited. I am worried that the distance from Keelung Cruises Port to Jiufen is too far, that’s why I ordered a private day tour from local Taiwan travel agency to get there directly! Moreover, we honestly don’t like to having vacation in Taipei with bunch of people we barely know. We prefer have plenty of time, stroll through tourist attractions and enjoy those fun things to do in Taiwan. Fortunately, we ordered private car charter because there will be lots of mountain roads; you’d feel uncomfortable If you take the share bus.



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After the winding mountain road, we first arrived at the Gold Museum. There were mountains and the sea along the way. It was so beautiful! I pointed out the photo and told my Taiwan tour guide Jack that I must come here! “No problem, please prepare your strong leg strength!” he said. There are really a bunch of stairs! We usually need to stop to breathe and Jack has always encouraged us that we are almost there, “Come on! Come on!”


Finally, we arrived! The golden shrine ruins! At that moment, I was moved to tears, there seems to be a lot of stories in this place. To know all that, you definitely need a Taiwan local tour guide. Perhaps, there are really mountain gods who are guarding here and all generations of this mountain city. (Read Also: Digging Up Nuggets of History in Jinguashi, a town by the Northeast Coast & Japanese tourists in Taiwan on the colonial history trail in Taipei, Tainan and Hualien)



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After sighing the history of the vicissitudes of the shrine, a turnaround, you can overlook the entire mountain and sea. Sitting on the stone steps and watching this beautiful scenery, it’s so beautiful! If your physical strength allows, trust me don’t miss this Golden shrine through time and space!




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