Although Taiwan is famous as the paradise of delicious foods, Jiufen Old Street, however, is full of its own traits. If you still wonder how to plan your itinerary and direction to Jiufen, then how about reserve a private car that could help you have a bite of those typical and local ones. Here we collect the top 3 must-try that cannot be neglected.

  • Fishball soup

Fishball always makes Taiwanese hungry. This kind of ball is made of minced fish, squid, and vegetables. Some cooks prefer putting celeries and corianders to add fresh flavors to the soup. When feeling exhausted after a long day walk, you should try a bowl of fishball soup, refilling your energy for following itineraries. Speaking of where to taste the delicacy, Uncle Fish Ball(魚丸伯仔), and Zhang Ji Traditional Fish Ball(張記傳統魚丸)are the most well-noted stores providing numerous travelers with fishballs and other side dishes. 

  • Ba-wan(Taiwanese Meatballs)

Ba-Wan, literally as round-shaped meat, is absolutely an authentic street food you cannot ignore. Covered with pure white sweet potato starch, the stuffed meat usually blended with ingredients, such as mushrooms and bamboo shoots, which spice up Ba-wan. After fried in boiling oil, Ba-wan would turn translucent, and it’s time to top sweet sauce and enjoy your meal. 

Perhaps Ba-wan seems pretty common, and some even consider it a household cuisine in Taiwan; however, joining a Taiwan tour,  you may taste freshly-made Ba-wan, with crunchy bamboo shoots stuffed inside. So, besides traveling through Taipei private tour, don’t forget to visit Jiufen Old Street, and make your mouth water.

  • Taro balls

Having a taste of taro balls in Jiufen is the first task you should do in the bucket list; as a matter of fact, taro balls are a symbolic snack that was founded in Jiufen district. By mixing mashed taros with water and sweet potato flour, you can thus make soft and chewy taro balls. Some are yellow, while others are purple; it also depends on which ingredients you utilize. 

Also, taro balls can be topped on a plate of shaved ice, or cooked in hot soup to warm people’s heart in the winter. If taking a Taiwan family trip here, children and the senior would be fond of this snack. So far, in the Jiufen old street, Auntie A-Gan(阿柑姨), and Grandma Lai(賴阿婆)are the most popular vendor selling sweet taro balls. 

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