Kaohsiung Qijin Classic Day Tour
Discover Qijin's famous attractions by Taiwan Tour Bus.
Location: Kaohsiung Duration: 1 day(s)
From USD $70 per person
Tour Overview
Being a new destination in Taiwan, Kaohsiung is a great choice to go when depicting your Taiwan tour plan. Kaohsing is a historical city fulls of sunshine and passion. It also has the largest harbor of Taiwan. On this tour, we will take a ferry to the ocean island— Qijin Island. On Qijin Island, Cihou Fort and star Tunnel may bring you a new experience of fort visiting. Then, we will walk along the wooden trail to the eye of Qijing— Cihou Lighthouse to enjoy the ocean breeze and view beautiful ocean scenery. As for going back to Kaohsiung, we will step onto Kaohsiung Fishermen’s Wharf and Pier-2 Art Center to taste seafood cuisine, appreciate the art installation, and the old architecture. After having dinner, we will view the night view of charming and glamorous on Love River at night. Explore our night market with pineapple cake, famous seafood, and local drinks in the night market. Staying this lively and vibrant city, you can feel the Kaohsiung’s friendliness and vitality.
What to Expect
  • Qijin Island is a simple land located in the southwest of Kaohsiung. Cihou Fort is the established 200 years ago in Qing dynasty. The type of Shi (囍 Double Happiness) in the gate of Cihou Fort is very unique to take a photo. Renovated in 2005, Cijin Star Tunnel becomes an attraction for tourists and cyclers. You might be amazed at the 12 Zodiacal Constellations painted on the wall of the tunnel. Walking through the wooden trail, we will get to Cihou Lighthouse. Tourists could not only see the exhibition inside the lighthouse but also view the beautiful sea and prosperous Kaohsiung. However, please remember Cihou Lighthouse is closed every Monday. As a country full of Mazu temple, we will not ignore Cijin Tianhou Temple. This is also the oldest Mazu temple in Kaohsiung.
  • After taking a ferry to Kaohsiung, we will step onto Kaohsiung Fishermen’s Wharf. This wharf is established to export bananas, wood, and steel. After the industrial transformation, it becomes a port for tourism. Tourists could visit Banana Warehouse, which provides the history of banana export in Taiwan and also the souvenirs. The restaurant nearby also has some fresh seafood and a comfortable dining environment to enjoy.
  • Located in the No.3 Kaohsiung Port, Pier-2 Art Center is an open art space for all citizens and tourists. When Tourists come to Pier-2 Art Center, you can feel young creative power and learn old local stories in it. The graffiti wall brings new art atmosphere to the old port. There are also exhibitions held in the warehouses. For those who want to walk around, West Coast Bike Path could be a good choice.
  • Love River is not only the spine of Kaohsiung economic in economic but also tourist attractions. Love River was once an open sewer due to economic development but now a clean recreational place for fun. The water of Love River runs into the ocean through the port of Kaohsiung. Having a night tour and cruise on Lover River, you will see Zhongzheng Bridge in shimmering lights. Go with the flow of the river, you will feel the tempo and charming of this glamorous city in a unique way.
  • You can always find the gourmet at reasonable price in Liuhe Night Market which is famous for its snack food. Gourmets like barbecue, Steamed shrimp, and crispy spare rib soup are everywhere at this night market. Find your favorite bite among the abundant Southern Taiwan dishes with your mouth. After having all the foods, papaya milk is the best choice to end up this culinary tour in the night market.
ItineraryExpand All
  • 14:00 Start from Kaohsiung City
  • City landmark tour: introduction provided on the way to ferry port
  • Qijin Island: Visit Cihou Lighthouse, Cihou Fort, Cijin Star Tunnel and Tianhou Temple (Reminder: Cihou Lighthouse closed every Monday)
  • Kaohsiung Fishermen’s Wharf/Pier-2 Art Center
  • Golden pineapple castle: Experiece pineapple cake DIY and enjoy dinner
  • Love River
  • Liuhu Night Market
  • 22:00 Drop off at your accommodation
  • Accommodation N/A
  • Food Dinner
  • Admissions Ticket for Love Boat and ferry, pineapple cake DIY
  • Transportation Taiwan Tour Bus
  • Others Fuel / Parking / Guide / Passenger insurance / Tax
  • Availability Departs daily
  • Pick up point Pick-up and Drop-off at Zuoying Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail, Kaohsiung Station of Taiwan Railway, Kaohsiung major hotels in downtown, Kaohsiung International Airport. The pick-up time is around
  • Group size 2-6 people
  • Book 3 days in advance
  • What to bring Comfortable walking shoes and light jackets.
  • Cancellation Policy A minimum of 2 passengers is required for this tour to operate. There is a possibility of cancellation after confirmation if there are not enough passengers to meet requirements. In the event of this occurring, you will be offered an alternative or full refund. Cancellation made less than 24 hours before departure is non-refundable. Cancellation made between 72~24 hours before departure will charge 50% of full payment. Cancellation made more than 72 hours before departure will offer a full refund.
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  • Kaohsiung
    Kaohsiung Qijin Classic Day Tour
    Discover Qijin's famous attractions by Taiwan Tour Bus.
    From USD $70 per person