If there’s a 7-11 on your right side and a FamilyMart on your left side, which one would you choose to walk in?

We have made two articles about 7-11 in Taiwan. It seems quite unfair if we don’t say something about FamilyMart, the second-largest convenience store business in Taiwan. For people who are not Asian, they may be unfamiliar with this name, but if you give it a chance and step into a store, you may find it attractive as well.

FamilyMart offers the same serves as 7-11, from Easycard recharge, booking/buying tickets, ATM, to printing, parcel retrieving, and laundry. But in this article, we would like to introduce the products only available in FamilyMart.

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Fami ice cream - The battle of FamilyMart

When FamilyMart opened its first branch in 1988 in Taiwan, 7-11 had cultivated its business for ten years. FamilyMart was regarded as a follower in the past because 7-11 was the first to bring the convenience store culture into Taiwan. But in recent years, the brand is trying to usurp the throne to be the king in the industry. It started to offer fresh, soft-serve ice cream as its first assault in 2013. The ice cream soon went viral in Taiwan.

Later, 7-11 also sold its own ice cream. Judge from the number of stores that serve ice cream (There are 1500 FamilyMart offer ice cream while there are only 300 7-11 do the service.), FamilyMart has won the ice cream battle with a brilliant victory. Up to now, FamilyMart has released more than 30 flavors. The flavors are seasonal, so if you miss it, you can’t have it in a short time.

The flavor can go beyond your imagination. In May 2020, ice cream with cactus flavor was introduced into the market.
The ice cream of Tieguayin is also popular. People on the Internet voted as their favorite. (Tieguayin is a type of oolong.)

Frappy(酷冰沙)- The revolution of FamilyMart

In 2016, FamilyMart successfully captured everyone’s attention again with their creation-Fami Frappy, which is a smoothie based on the Oreo flavor. It tastes like Frappuccino of Starbuck but it’s less sweet and much cheaper. The products were so popular that they were sold out quickly. Now you can see different flavors of Frappy in the freezer in different seasons.

The Artisan Baker- The Evolution of FamilyMart

The ambition of FamilyMart is not limited to making ice cream and smoothie. In recent years, FamilyMart has tried to improve the quality of its foods, including bread, rice cakes, and coffee, and they have gained a good reputation for its bakery. In 2019, there were 18 million packages of toast and 8 million packages of pancakes sold in a year. Also, you can find new bread and desserts in different seasons.

The toasts of “Artisan Baker” and Kiwami Pancakes are now superstar items.

Of course, you can never enjoy bread or desserts without sipping the coffee. FamilyMart serves coffee with single-origin coffee beans. Though it is more expansive, the coffee definitely worth the price.

Let’ Cafe
If you don’t like coffee, you can have tea. While 7-11 set up its own tea shop, FamilyMart does the cobranding with Twinings.

From ice cream, smoothie, bakery to the cafe, FamilyMart has done so much reformation. What will be their next step? Well, we will keep this article updated so remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and
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