Summer heat alert is alarming! It’s common that we have consecutive days with temperatures over 36 degrees in June, July, and August. If you happen to travel in Taiwan during scorching days, where can you go?

To escape the swelter in the cities, it is highly recommended to go deep into nature. Read more:【Taipei Day Tour】Explore The Hidden Treasure of Nature Around Taipei. Taiwan is tiny but exquisitely born with mountains. There are a lot of breathtaking views in the forest rarely stepped by visitors.

If you have read our previous article-The Trend of Post-Coronavirus (Covid19) Tourism, you probably have learned these keywords: slow & solo trip, the joy of missing out, and micro escape.

According to the trend, Justaiwantour selected some hidden spots worth visiting but you may have never heard of. Find out more in this article and mark the destinations on your personal map!

1. Wanggu Waterfall

While all the tourists are swarming to Shifen Old Street, why don’t you stop by Wanggu to avoid the crowd? Wanggu Station is on the Pingxi Line. It’s a depopulated area yet is still an accessible place for people without private vehicles.

Along the railway, you can find the wooden walkway leading to Wanggu Waterfall. If you are a fan of the railway, you can wait for the trains passing by and capture the moment.

You can have a close distance to see the train passing by on the way.
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There are signs on the way to the waterfall so don’t worry that you will get lost. Just walk for 10 minutes then you can see the view of water cascading down like a crystal curtain and dropping into the emerald lake.

If you are a good swimmer, you can swim in the lake. Be sure to have a partner with you in case of an accident.

Of course, you can head to Shifen Old Street to pick up some snacks.

2.Sandiaoling Waterfall

Located on the Pingxi Line, Sandiaoling Station is the only station that cannot be reached through the highway.    

Follow the sign you can see the way connected to the Sandiaoling trail. The entry of the trail is by a deserted school, so it’s easy to find the path. Sandiaoling Waterfall is a 3-layered waterfall. Visitors can see the first layer from afar. There’s an observatory deck down the second layer. (But you can only see the waterfall without paddling.)

The way connected to the third waterfall is vertically escalated, so be careful especially after rainy days. Climb up for 50 meters then you can see waterfall surrounded by the valley. Take off your shoes to enjoy the refreshing water.

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You can walk toward the edge of the cliff to see the waterfall running down to the second level. But the rocks are very slippery so be cautious with every step you take.

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3. Linjiao Waterfall

It’s also an easily accessible waterfall through TRA Pingxi Line, just get off the train at Linjiao Station and walk for 8 minutes. Linjiao Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Pingxi area, just second to Shifen Waterfall. Because of the terrain, there are often swirls forming under the cliff. It’s not recommended to swim under the waterfall. You can just soak yourself into the pool close to the shore.

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4. Chingshan Waterfall

With a height of 30 meters, it’s the second-largest waterfall in Yangminshan. But it is the most forgotten spot of the national park as well. The trail is totally built under the trees’ canopy so it’s an ideal place to visit in the summertime. At the end of the trail, you can feel the water splashing and the air is full of drips.

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There’s no railway connected to Chingshan Waterfall. Don’t worry if you don’t have private transportation. We offer the package tour with chartered service. See more: Hidden Gems Around Taipei

5. Xiao Yin Tan Waterfall

If you are extremely lazy but still want to chill outdoor, you can’t miss this waterfall. You may think it’s somewhere very deep into mountains. But actually, it’s just in Yangminshan National Park. If you take a bus (S8, S9, 128), you can get off at Yangmin Park Station. The water looks milky under the sunlight because it contains sulfur. Though it seems hot spring, the water is cool. It’s a small waterfall but you still can have a good time and take some awesome photography.

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Before you go, remember to check the weather forecast. It’s common that there are thunderstorms in the summer afternoon, so it’s better to set out in the early morning. Also, apply some sunscreen before you go. The sunlight can sometimes burn your skin.

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