Before the coronavirus went viral on earth, what was your tour plan for 2020?In 2019, there were 1.5 billion people traveling aboard. However, the active tourism market was later frozen by the coronavirus. The governments around the world issued restrictions to curb the epidemic from spreading. People had no choice but to stay home. All the unnecessary activities were banned, not to mention traveling.

Tracking the massive impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic on the world’s airline industry in early 2020

At the end of 2019, it was estimated that there would be 1.6 billion people traveling aboard in 2020.

There are still a lot of countries under lockdown, therefore we still can’t be sure when the travelers will be back on their journeys. Now some of the countries are loosening the restrictions, so after the lockdown, it’s foreseeable that people will be dreaming about traveling.

But will everything remain the same as it was before the pandemic?

In our past experience, it took us 2 hours to finish the process from check-in to boarding. But it is likely that we have to have our bodies checked in the future, thus the whole process may be extended to 4 hours.

The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images

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You still have to keep social distance on the plane. If the distance should remain 2 meters from person to person, then only 20% of the seats can be sold, which means the price will soar up for a period of time.

For the enthusiastic travelers, nothing can stop them from exploring the world.

According to the statistic of, global users saved more than 100,000 accommodation during March and April. Obviously, people were still collecting information when they were not allowed to travel.

Also, made a list of 20 dreaming-destination of global travelers. Taipei was selected as no.20, distinguished from the other 1000 cities.

A report showed that 25% of tourists decide to visit Taiwan again after their first visit. Taiwan indeed has great potential to be a tourist destination. 【About Taiwan】Ilha Formosa – The Discovery of Taiwan And The Charm of The Island

The epidemic will fade away eventually though it seems our life can’t be back to normal soon. If you are going to start a new tour, why not come to Taiwan to experience the charm of this wonderland?

To have a trending tour in Taiwan, you can take our tours as reference. We have divided them into different categories according to” the Selected Keywords of Tourists” listed by Skyscanner.

  • Slow & slow trip

Some people are tired of shared tours. Having a solo tour means you can take everything in control. You can stay in a certain destination as long as you want without being interrupted. How to have a slow & solo trip? Try out our customized service.

  • The joy of missing out

Sometimes you can enjoy more when you see what other tourists haven’t seen. A tour without the must-visit tourist spots can be your unforgettable memory.

Guess where it is?

【Taipei Day Tour】Explore The Hidden Treasure of Nature Around Taipei

Hidden Gems Around Taipei

  • Micro escape

Don’t like a long ride? You can still find pleasure around the suburban area to have a short escape on weekends.

Have a cup of tea and have a leisure afternoon.

Maokong Day Tour

  • Local gastronomy

A visit to Taiwan cannot be complete without savoring the delicacies. You can always find something to satisfy your taste bud in Taiwan.

Dumplings and xiao long bao are must-try.

How to find foods in Taipei?

Would you like a food tour?

  • Sustainable tourism

More and more people are conscious of the environmental issue. How to travel without damaging the environment gradually becomes the mainstream. How Taiwanese take a balance between commercial activities and environmental protection?

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Classic Jiufen & Shifen Old Streets Tour

Among the categories, which one is your favorite? There are a lot of places to explore and many activities to experience in Taiwan. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you won’t miss anything.

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