Under the storm of Wuhan Pneumonia, people in Taiwan are highly cautious of the disease. They always wear masks in the public and avoid going to anywhere crowded. The North Coast Marathon has been canceled, the preparation for the presidential Inauguration is suspended, even the organizers of the Daja Mazu Pilgrimage (Read more: 2020 Mazu Said NO) have also decided to postpone this annual eye-catching event. It is really lucky to be a Taiwanese because people on this island stand up united together to fight against the COVID-19. (Read more: Taiwan- Blessing in the Time of Novel Coronavirus)

Though it is not recommended to go to public places, for those who are healthy, it must be such torture to stay home on weekends without going anywhere. Actually, it is still safe to go outdoor space to breathe in the fresh air and get exposed to sunlight. (Looking for an outdoor activity? Check out this Maokong Day Tour )

How to get a stronger body?

Having a strong immune system is important, especially at times like the present, when the Wuhan coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. For its part, Taipei’s Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) has committed to enhancing the public’s immunity to diseases by promoting the 92-kilometer Taipei Grand Trail hike.

In a press release on Friday (Feb. 28) the GEO directed the public’s attention to the Taipei Grand Trail, which it completed in 2018, and said it is encouraging hikers to complete the trail by rewarding them with certificates and free towels. To spice up the campaign, the office launched an activity on Oct. 28 of last year that uses an app and offers those who complete the route an additional enticement — the chance to participate in the lottery.

GEO Industrial and Trail Section Chief Chen Yen-cheng (陳彥成) said in the statement that the Taipei Grand Trail, which is divided into seven sections, features a great variety of scenic attractions that include mountains, rivers, grassland, volcanoes, fir trees, bamboo forests, natural trails, and rocks. The views along with the route change with the seasons and are as picturesque as anywhere in the world, Chen added.

For route maps and related information, please refer to the Grand Taipei Trail website.

What can you do besides hiking?

If you have seen the map on the website, you would know that it takes about 5~8 hours to finish the trail tour. It may sound exciting for those hiking enthusiasts. However, it can be overwhelming for some people.

Don’t worry. We have several articles about Yangminshan and Beitou.(Read more: Beitou, the Best Taipei’s Hot Springs Spot!)

You can go hiking for 2~3 hours and then bathe yourself in the hot spring to chillax. Oh, by the way, it is spring now! What a perfect time to indulge yourself with the flower fragrance in Yangminshan( Read more: Spring, Happiness, Love Flowers Blossom in Taipei City) You can have a solo micro trip or have a romantic time with your beloved one or enjoy the lively atmosphere of spring with your family.

Picking up calla lily is also a family-friendly activity(Read more:Picking calla lilies in Zhuzihu)

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*This article is partially reproduced from Taiwan News” Taipei promotes hike to build up immune defenses against virus

Words by George Liao, Taiwan News

最後修改日期: 5 月 13, 2020