My sister saw a piece of news on CNN introduced about Taiwan’s “Houtung cat village” where is famous for its many cats. Since we are both keeping cats, we love to take a visit. We booked a Taiwan tour to Pingxi and Houtung for both our family in many choices of Taiwan tour packages. Because this was the first time two families traveled overseas together all kids were so excited to have fun with their cousins.

In order to save time and had a quality trip, we had our own private van with an English tour guide. We didn’t need to find the road but arrived at our destinations directly with this kind of professional service. We arrived in Pingxi first and our tour guide told us that Pingxi lantern festival is well-known because people flock into this area in order to see thousands of lanterns fly into the sky during the Lantern Festival of Taiwan. You could see Pingxi line and trains easily because people love to escape to this hidden heaven near Taipei as a nice getaway. We also flew our family lanterns and wrote a lot of wishes on it. On the other hand, we also hiked a bit to a higher site to see people create their lanterns from hills.

After Jiufen and Houtung, our kids enjoyed the Taipei day tour very much because of the best view from Taipei 101! Since we came from the U.S., we seldom see skyscrapers like this. Taipei is not a crowded concrete jungle like NYC, there are many parks and spaces where are family-friendly. We loved our Taipei family trip to both downtown and rural areas such as Pingxi and Houtung. Meanwhile, playing with cats is our family’s favorite pastime, Houtung and Pingxi were so adorable and unforgettable in this trip.

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