Our good friend Cindy is a Taiwanese since she was going back home after the semester, we decided to visit her hometown with her. She was so kind and considerate; she chose a Taiwan tour package for us which included Taipei day tour and a trip to Yehliu. We also had a 6-people van and a tour guide with us. Cindy said she could share what should eat with us but the history and information about our destinations needed to be told from a “real” tour guide.

We imagined Taiwan as our home because our good friend grew up here. But Taiwan sure gave this kind of feelings because you could find different cuisines here easily and even Singaporean and Malaysian dishes. We started our Taiwan tour from a wide assortment of bubble tea shops, they were so fancy and yummy at the same time. On the next day, we went to Yehliu ocean park from Taipei, although the weather was cloudy but we preferred cool weather. My friends and I saw plenty of shows and countless beautiful animals in the park, I bought several souvenirs there for my family too.

You may hear people praising Taiwan but never see by yourself; Yehliu is one of its magical. Our tour guide told us that took a picture in Yehliu geopark with the “Queen’s head” was a must but because of the erosion, the rock may break someday. We hope it could be there forever. Just like a queen who taking care of Yehliu forever. We took hundreds of pictures with the Queen’s head and with Cindy to memorize our glittering friendship together. Since Cindy lives near Jiufen, we went to Jiufen’s tea house to enjoy the night view of the Northern coastline, it was a gorgeous memory in my life.

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