Though we can only understand a little bit Chinese, we still decided to book a Taiwan tour package from Taiwan travel agency. This package included airport pick-ups, day tour schedule, an English-speaking Taiwan tour guide and a private vehicle driving us from Jiufen to Taipei. We were expecting that we could learn lots of things about Taiwanese culture deeply and easily from our local driver guide during Taiwan family trip. We were so excited about this journey!



Jenny, our Taiwan trip guide picked us up from the hotel in the morning and we started our day trip from Taipei to Ruifang. She told us that the best thing to do in Northern Taiwan is “you could see the seashore from any spot in this area”. If you adore sea, you would easily fall in love with the view and relax in this atmosphere very much with the blue sky. She was totally right! While we were sipping tea in Jiufen Amei tea house, we could view the sea too. It was beautiful from the higher place.


Later, Jenny led us to Jiufen’s unique old street, she introduced some goodies to us. Jenny show us that the “Jinguashi 13 Ruins” (Read Also: New Taipei City|Remains of the 13 Levels : Pompeii in Taiwan) near Jiufen which would turn on lights on moon festival and was designed by the master of the Statue of Liberty, I really hope I could be here that time. (Read Also: 5 Things to Do in JIUFEN/JINGUASHI)




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Last but not least, we enjoyed our last day for Taipei day tour. Although it was convenient to take public transportation but it was more comfortable to stay in a private car in this hot and humid summer. We went to many tourist attractions in Taipei. Jenny gave us lots of useful advice during the trip, we had a lot of fun and bought many souvenirs and even pineapple pastries for our family and friends in Vietnam. Thank you Jenny! Thank you Justaiwantour!


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