This is our first time to experience cruise shore excursion. It is like layover and no need to carry luggage. Whenever you arrive in a country, it’s fun to get to know as much as tourist attractions in a limited time. To impress our first experience in Asia, we have chosen the route through Keelung Cruise Port in Taiwan. By convention, we like to book a private day tour and then choose a professional English-speaking guide to improve the quality and efficiency of our Taiwan family trip.


Elisabeth and I are very interested in the peculiar geological landscape. We really want to go to Yehliu Geopark and see the strange landscape after the weathering of nature (Read Also: Taiwan’s Yehliu Geopark Is Like Disneyland for Rock Lovers). After meeting with our Taiwan tour guide in Keelung Harbor, we went directly to the Yehliu Geopark. The scenery along the way was even more beautiful than I thought. When we arrived, it was really amazing that the magical power of nature that we will never know how to create. Elizabeth wanted to take a photo with her Queen (To be honest, it’s only a head), then take photos with the “Naughty Princess” next to it. She finally makes a wish with a group of candle holders to celebrate her birthday in advance (Read Also: Taiwan’s ancient Queen’s head at risk of being beheaded). Our Taipei local tour guide was so considerate that he told us there are more attractions in New Taipei City for us to take photos. We are so obsessed to picture every moment and beautiful views!



The icon of Yehliu, Queen’s Head:

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The successor, Naughty Princess:

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Then we visit “Elephant Trunk Rock” which is nearby. Oh my God! It’s amazing! Our tour guide kept warming us to pay attention to safety. “Don’t risk your life of taking pictures!” (Read Also: Woman tumbles 2 stories into ocean from Taiwan’s Elephant Trunk Rock) A bunch of people holding a selfie stick on the scene, desperately creating beautiful photos~ It’s so tempting! There are people canoeing here, it’s so beautiful! If time permits, we definitely want to go down and experience the canoe! We decided that we must make a special trip to Taiwan next time!



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Perfect Taipei Private Tour for visiting Yehliu, Elephant Trunk Rock and Jiufen: Yehliu & Jiufen Day Tour


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