We are life travelers; we travel all over the world to experience different lifestyles. As we became Youtubers last year, we took a Taiwan tour to figure out what this island looked like because our friends who visited Taiwan before loved it very much. I booked a Taipei private tour in advance with a chartered car and driver in order to film the video smoothly. Except for Taipei day tour, we planned to go Yehliu on the second day.

Yehliu Geopark is located in Northern Taiwan where is very close to the sea. It was a great deal and also very convenient from Taipei to take buses or other public transportation to reach Yehliu bus station and the home of “Queen’s head” but since we had a lot of cameras and they were heavy so we chose chartered service. Yehliu was god’s masterpiece; rocks there were so awesome such as “high heel” rock、mushroom rocks、candle rock、beehive rock、tofu rock….etc. We took thousands of pictures with these natural arts. We went to the tourist service center to get a Yehliu map and found them all out successfully. I didn’t expect we can be that thrilled in this grand voyage at the beginning but we truly had a great day because everything was perfect.

Our English tour guide told us because of Taiwan’s special landform、earthquakes、winds and tide shaped Yehliu’s rocks like what we saw. However, we heard that the most famous one “Queen’s head” was weak now because of the erosion. We hoped that the government could help to protect this treasure carefully to let more people consider its beauty.

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