My friend and I have always wanted to travel abroad, so we decided to travel to Southeast Asian countries. In the end, we chose the Taiwan tour because the Taiwan tour packages sold by the travel agency is very favorable. Since we have a total of 8 tourists, we also book chartered services and the tour guide for convenience.

On the first day of the tour, we came to Jiufen Taiwan. Shengping theatre and Amei tea house are all popular spots in Jiufen. We also visited the Qianjin road of the Gold mine tunnel. I heard that this tunnel is a movie scene of Japanese anime movies—Spirited Away. This tunnel is artificially excavated, mainly in the traffic lanes of the local people and can be connected to the light road along Jishan Street.

There is a viewing platform on the light road. We stayed here to watch the sunset of Jiufen. The landscaped terrace can see the beautiful scenery of the mountain city and the scenery of the harbor. We take many photos. We also went to Jiufen Jude park, which was founded in 1917. There are many modern art sculptures in the park, but due to the sudden rain, we had to go to Jiufen old street to buy an umbrella in advance. I guess the Jiufen weather is always raining because there are many shops selling umbrellas. One of the umbrellas is made of paper and the appearance is very delicate and meticulous. The tour guide introduced this umbrella, which has a good auspicious symbol in addition to sheltering the sun and sheltering from the rain. According to traditional Taiwanese habits, when the daughter is married,
the parents will use two umbrellas as a dowry and the round umbrella means consummation. I think that Taiwanese are very creative and give different values ​​to the oil paper umbrella.

By the way, If you want to have dinner at Jiufen old street, remember to arrive early because the store is closed before 8 pm. Today’s Taipei day tour is amazing and we all have a pleasant travel memory.

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