A few years ago, my parents used to take me to visit Jiufen Taiwan. This time I want to arrange a Taiwan tour with my girlfriend again.
I booked a charter service through the Taiwanese travel agency so that we can enjoy the Taipei private tour. The tour guide said that there are more and more Jiufen sightseeing spots in the present day. the Jiufen old street is not the only one sightseeing spots. He suggested that the travel itinerary of Taipei private tour can be changed a little. During the day, visit the natural attractions near Jiufen old street, until the evening to visit the old streets where the crowds are slightly retreating. If you can stay here for one night, you can see Jiufen’s different faces.

I think the tour guide is experienced, so we decided to follow the advice of him. The tour guide knew that we wanted to experience the Jiufen tour in depth. Therefore, the tour guide led us to the Liukeng slope ropeway during the day. In those days, the Jinguashi mining area set up various transportation tools in response to the terrain, including portable platform lanes, aerial ropeways, slope ropeways and other facilities to facilitate the transportation of minerals and materials. The pit slope cableway is a relatively intact ropeway relic. With the completion of mining in 1987 and the closure of the pit, these vehicles were also abandoned. The miners who used to work here are reluctant let this place turn into ruins, so they personally organized and maintained this place. Until now, it has become one of the sightseeing spots of Jiufen. The slope can directly overlook the beauty of the Yin yang sea and the unobstructed views of the mountains and seas are unique features of the Liukeng slope ropeway.

In the evening, we went to Jiufen old street to eat and the crowd was really a lot less! Looking at the Amei Tea House after the night, we seem to enter the adventure world of Japanese anime movies—Spirited Away. This time we specially chose to stay in Jiufen for one night. Fortunately, I chose to stay here for one night, so I can avoid a lot of tourists, let us see the quietest and peaceful Jiufen. Thanks to the professional advice of the tour guide, let us enjoy such a pleasant Taipei day tour.

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