This was my daughter, Emily’s first trip overseas. I thought that she might learn something or memorize our Taiwan family trip at her age. Since she loves ocean very much, I booked tickets and a private car to Yehliu Geopark from Taiwan travel agency for our Taiwan tour. Since I heard that there were places to play water, I prepared swimming suits for my daughter to let her get closer to our mother nature. (Read Also: CNN: 12 of the world’s best water parks)


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Our Taiwan trip guide drove us to the Yehliu ocean park (Yehliu Ocean World) and told us there would be performance time of sea lions and dolphins. Those animals were so adorable! My daughter was so happy because of the shows and abundant photos of the underwater world in the aquarium. On the other hand, dreamily view of the ocean was just in front of us. I told Emily to love creatures she saw in the ocean world and more lives she would meet in the future. As an ocean lover, I appreciated that we could have an experience like this to get a closer look at the ocean and even enjoy the seawater in the park.


In Yehliu Geopark, there were many terrific rocks including Queen’s head, which formed naturally because of winds and waves. They were all extraordinary arts. (Read Also: OCEAN WORLD: TO GO OR NOT TO GO?)




Even though there are tons of tourists here every day, Yehliu is considered a family-friendly vacations spot and provides lots of things to do in Taiwan with kids. Children can learn marine knowledge from the ocean world and discover those huge stones and rocks by themselves. Elderly people can walk around and enjoy the view right next to them; for teenagers, it’s an ideal place to reach the pure nature not cell phones in hand. And it’s also one of the best Taiwan vacations for couples!


After, we tried many delicious dishes in Yehliu too, they had fresh seafood and unique cuisines. Thanks to our Taiwan tour package, it helped us ending up our cool journey safety and smoothly. (Read Also: Yehliu Geopark: bizarre rocks and succulent seafood)




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