My child’s summer homework needs to share their summer vacation.
In the past, we have only been to Vietnam. This time I want to bring my children abroad during the summer vacation, so I arranged a trip to Taiwan.

The travel agency’s itinerary package already includes very favorable tickets, so I decided to choose the private tour of Taipei arranged by Justaiwantour, book charter service, and tour guide. As soon as we arrived at Taoyuan Airport, the driver arranged by the travel agency came to pick us up for a day trip to Taipei.

My child likes marine animals very much, so the guide of Justaiwantour takes us to the wild sea world of Yehliu. Tour Guide Introduction Yehliu Ocean Park is an important tourist attraction in the North Coast Scenic Area of ​​Taiwan. It has a long history of more than 30 years and is the first zoo in Taiwan to feature marine animals.

The park offers dolphin and sea lion performances and is regularly invited from Russia to showcase world-class international high-altitude diving performances.
The weather started to rain in the afternoon, so we went to the Marine Life Exhibition Hall, an aquarium with diving caves with more than 100 underwater creatures such as green turtles and toads.

Whether it is sunny or rainy, it is suitable for all-day arrangements in Yehliu Ocean Park. You can know marine animals through narrators, and narrators also like to interact with children.

My wife and children are amazed at the Yehliu trip! We took a lot of photos from Yehliu, and my children couldn’t wait to go back to school to share this holiday with their classmates.

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