My boyfriend Pavel and I are from Czech Republic, a landlocked country. In other words, you can’t see any coast in our country. So we longed for the ocean. While we were planning our annual travel, we found Taiwan. An island country faced to the Pacific Ocean. (Read Also: Taiwan’s Strategic Ocean Advantage as an Island & Taiwan: ‘Ocean nation’)




Though Taiwan’s capital city Taipei is a basin city, fortunately, we found a one-day tour to Yehliu during our Taiwan tour! A magnificent Yehliu Geopark located in Northern Taiwan. Though there has a shuttle bus from Taipei to Yehliu, after consideration, we still decided to join a Yehliu private tour! Not only for the comfortable seat but also a professional Taiwan tour guide. (Read Also: Taiwan’s prettiest locations for your holiday)


Yehliu Geopark is a cape. A cape which extends to the ocean almost 2km from land! Our local guide told us that Yehliu has 3 zones, zone1 and zone 2 are the focus points of Yehliu, zone 3 is the end of the cape. “We would absolutely go to zone 3,” my boyfriend said “I’m the king of the world!” at the end of the cap.


We enjoyed the beautiful view and the atmosphere of Yehliu very much, there were many bizarre stones standing on the cape. These stones looked like mushrooms, queens, princesses or fairy shoes! And, we really went to zone 3! We looked at this endless ocean for a long time. (Read Also: Taiwan’s Yehliu Geopark Is Like Disneyland for Rock Lovers)



After visiting Yehliu, our Taiwan trip guide led us to Guei Hou Fish Harbor. It is amazing that those alive fishes, shrimps, and shellfishes are displayed in front of the restaurant. All you have to do is only pointing to fish you want to put in cuisine, then the chief would cook for you. What a fresh seafood we have never seen!





We had a wonderful day in Yehliu. Beautiful ocean, fresh seafood and cute rocks. Choosing to came to Taiwan was really the correct decision.


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