As a blogger, I love to find out cool things around the world; when I saw Taiwan’s Shihfen Waterfall in the magazine, I wanted to compare it with Niagara Fall between Canada and the U.S. Last week, my boyfriend John and I booked flight tickets to Taiwan and we booked a car with our own guide to Shihfen. When in Shihfen, we saw there were so many people decorated their sky lanterns on the street before they flew them into the sky, that was a beautiful view at night.

We went to Shihfen Waterfall park in the morning, although the waterfall was not as huge as Niagara Fall but it sure was picturesque in the pure nature. We bought some cool food outside the waterfall park which was delicious. And we visited a town near Shihfen called “ Jiufen” too. According to Jiufen’s old street was on our Taiwan tour list, John told me that when he was a child, he used to visit here during their family trip but Jiufen changed a lot now. After a nice afternoon, we went back from Jiufen to Taipei.

Taiwan is way different from Canada, Canada is huge with fewer people so you have to drive to buy everything or go anywhere you want. However, when we were in our Taipei private tour, we chose to take a lot of different public transportation, for example, MRT system、private car、double decker and normal buses…etc. You don’t need to drive but you can buy things in the convenient stores or supermarkets near you. The place we loved the most was “Xiangshan”. You could see Taipei clearly and enjoyed the evergreen forest in the morning but found out an outstanding night view from every skyscraper’s lights in nights which was so marvelous.

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