At least once a year, my father will arrange a family trip. In order to experience Taiwan, a country known for its hospitality, this year we decided to arrange a Taiwan tour in September. Since my grandmother is old age, we decided to book a chartered service and English tour guide with a travel agency, so that the elderly are more convenient to travel and chartered service do not need to travel with strangers.

We traveled to the Jiufen Taiwan as Taipei day tour’s itinerary and the tour guide specially arranged to visit Jiufen from the afternoon to the evening. He said that the Jiufen of the nights were the most beautiful.

The tour guide parked the car in the parking lot of the Fukuyama palace. We walked to Fukuyama palace in 5-10 minutes. The tour guide introduces Fukuyama palace is a historic temple with a unique temple name.

From Fukuyama palace to Jiufen old street, we saw the beautiful night view of the mountain city. The atmosphere of the Jiufen during the day and night is completely different. Jiufen in the setting sun looks like a beautiful girl who slowly wakes up, the sun illuminates the appearance of the pure city. But the Jiufen at night looks like a charming woman, the street is covered with red lanterns and the atmosphere is very romantic.

The official road name of Jiufen old street is called Jishan street. The old streets are winding steps and the Jiufen is easy to get lost, so we follow the tour guides closely. Most of the passengers in Jiufen old street come from Korean. I thought I was in Korea! The tour guide is very familiar with the terrain of Jiufen because he often arranges a Taiwan family trip in Jiufen. My family is very satisfied with the tour guide arranged by the travel agency. He is very humorous and professional, leading us to see different Taiwan.

We headed to Kokonoe town, which is located in the front section of Jiufen old street. The buildings are very retro. There are accommodations and restaurants in Kokonoe town. It is very convenient for travelers to rest here. It is also the place we will stay tonight.

The tour guide worried that my grandmother is old age and has limited physical strength, so we early ended the Taipei private tour tonight.

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