My friend Eva will be an international student in September in Taiwan so all of us wanted to explore Taiwan with her in advance. Since we just arrived a couple of days, we expected to see her university first in person. We took the Taipei private tour with our own driver and English guide to be more familiar with the city. Her school located in a nice district which closes to a beautiful park、a lot of stores and restaurants around and there were bikes out of the campus that people could rent anytime. Wow! Taipei was an impressive city. We loved it.

On the next day, one of our friends wanted to visit the coastal area, we took a reference from our Taiwan tour package and decided to go Jiufen. The scenery on the road was not only remarkable but also pure, our tour guide introduced this town to use on the road too. When we out of the city headed to the countryside, we touched by the breeze and smelled the fragrance of flowers. We ate traditional Taiwanese lunch in a tea house, the waitress was kind that she told us how to drink tea like locals, we had a lot of fun. Then, we bought souvenirs for our families in the U.S. in some cute stores on Jiufen’s old street. There were several lanes from the old street to different directions, we all loved those vintage houses and localized food.

It was such a wonderful Taiwan tour that we shared with friends so closely. In fact, we could seldom have chances like this when we grow up. All of us appreciated the time we could stay together when we are young now.

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