When my parents asked me where to spend our annual family trip, I answered Taiwan! Because I always want to travel to this colorful island with my family. Besides, some of my friends live in New Taipei City so we planned to reunite during our Taiwan tour. When we got our Taiwan tour packages from the travel agent, my grandparents and their friends decided to join us, so we changed our car to a medium bus in Taiwan.

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The recommended package tour: Jiufen & Pingxi Day Tour

We lived near Banqiao station for the first day, the transportation station itself combined many department stores, tons of pretty shops and cinemas so my friends and I had an impressive night together strolling around and chatting a lot. On the second day, we started our day tour from Jiufen. Since we had so many elderly people with us and they preferred slow and high-quality schedule, we went to a famous tea house called A-mei in order to taste some local food and wallow in the delightful tea culture. All of us loved the relaxing vibe very much. Afterward, we went to where tourists from all over the world flock to Jiufen—its family-friendly old street. Jiufen’s old street is a must-see when you visit here, the old street is retrospective and full of stories.

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Jiufen looks at the city’s past, present and future. You can learn a lot from the “Gold Museum” about Jiufen’s history and information too; and if you can lift the gleaming “gold brick” up in the museum, then you can bring it home. It was a pity we didn’t lift it up but we all got fabulous memories there.

Have a nice walk in Jiufen!

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