What is Moon Festival? (Read more: Mid-Autumn Festival Stories)

Moon Festival is also called Mid-Autumn Festival, which is one of the most famous festivals in Taiwan. On this day, families and relatives gather, eat moon cakes, and barbecue together. (Read more: 5 Taiwanese Customs to Celebrate Moon Festival)

Actually, a long time ago, there was a time people couldn’t bear the rule of the government. A brave man, Zhu Yuanzhang, came up with a brilliant idea and stuffed hiding notes with “Uprise on the night of August 15th” in mooncakes, which made it easier to pass messages and successfully staged an uprising. Since then, eating moon cakes has been a custom on Mid-Autumn Festival. What really interesting is that typical moon cakes are round, and round sounds similar to gathering and reunion in Mandarin.


Last Saturday, to celebrate the upcoming festival, we organized a day tour for foreign visitors from all over the world. The bakers at Guo Yuanyi Museum of Cake and Pastry taught them how to knead the dough, stuff the sweet fillings in the moon cakes.


After that, they also enjoy their tea time and pastry. They mentioned that they had so much fun there.


What’s more, they put on traditional Chinese costumes, acting like the brides and grooms. It seemed like they travel back in time, which is so cool.



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