Hey, are you making a new traveling plan? We have a recommendation for you-Taiwan! In the past, Taiwan was ignored by the tourists, but recently, more and more people travel to Taiwan to spend their vacation. (BBC – The Travel Show – Taiwan Special) Why? Because the mountainous island is surrounded by the sea, Taiwan has a great diversity of natural environments.

The entire island is full of wonders but tiny, all the attractions are easily accessible. You can go hiking in the mountains in the morning then go to the beach to get tan-lines and have a glass of Taiwan beer at some bar back in the city in the evening. Because this island is blessed with fertility,

Taiwanese are capable of making delicious foods (CNN’s List of Taiwanese foods and drinks) that make tourists have difficulties deciding what to eat. Because our people are so friendly and passionate, visitors are often touched by Taiwanese hospitality (Taiwan Has The Friendly People In The World).

Everything in Taiwan is convenient, you can get everything you need at the 7-11 around the street corner. Taiwan is also recognized as the safest country in the world, visitors never need to be worried about traveling alone.

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What does CNN say about Taiwan?

  1. Capital City

Taipei city gathers all kinds of activities, people, cultures. See More: Taiwan Layover Tour-How To Get Around Taipei Within Limited Time


  1. Time Difference

UTC/GMT(Greenwich Mean Time): +8; Taiwan is 12 hours ahead of the USA.
That means when it is 8:00 am in Washington DC USA, it is 8:00 pm in Taiwan; Taiwan is 6 hours ahead of Europe.


  1. Population

The population in Taiwan is approximately 23.5 million people in 2016, which is similar to the population in Australia, 24.1 million people.


  1. Weather

Temperature average(Taipei): Spring: 22℃, Summer: 29℃, Autumn: 24℃, Winter: 17℃


  1. Religious (You may also interested in a religious-themed tour: OH MY GOD)

Taiwan features a diversity of religious beliefs. According to the census of 2005, 35% of the population is composed of Buddhists, 33% of Taoists, 3.9% of Christians, 18.7% of people who identify as not religious.


  1. Tips

Tipping in Taiwan is generally not expected. Sometimes tips have already been added to the fee, such as restaurant.

067. Food (If you are interested in food tours. Here is your Portal )

You can find all kinds of food whenever and whatever you want.


8. Transportation

In order to save money or avoid traffic, Taiwanese usually take the MRT. The massive amounts of scooters can also be seen on the road.


9. Quality of Water

Actually most of the people are afraid of drinking untreated tap water. Normally, local people just boil the water and that’s fine with them. Some use the filters at home.


10. Spirit

People are warm-hearted and welcome every visitor from all over the world.11 Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love With Taiwan’s People


Some other facts you need to know.

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