Sun Moon Lake has always been one of the greatest views throughout Taiwanese history. It’s the biggest freshwater lake in Taiwan. Located in the valley, surrounded by the mountains, the lake is often covered with mist and creates a dream-like ethereal scene. On the sunny days, the lake is a turquoise embedded with emerald; on drizzly days, the mist renders the lake into a Chinese brush painting, with a different layer of blue blooming the mountains and the lake.

copy) 日月潭國家風景區-溪頭米堤大飯店
Photo from La Midi Hotel

If you happen to visit Taiwan in autumn. You definitely have to visit Sun Moon Lake, not only for the views in the day time but also for the firework shows and concerts of the Sun Moon Lake Music& Fireworks Festival. The festival has been held annually since 2008 to promote tourist activities. The activities this year include 4 firework show and concerts, cycling, a tea festival, and a marathon.

17th OctTWM-Firework Show and concertShueishe Zhongxing Parking Lot
24th Oct
Crazy Bike Checheng Elementary School
25th OctSun Moon Lake Marathon Xiangshan Tourist Center
31st Oct/1st Nov Come!BikeDay Xiangshan Tourist Center
7th Nov Starry Sky-Firework Show and concert Ita Thao Pier
7th Nov/8th NovBlack Tea Cultural FestivalXiangshan Tourist Center
14th NovTaiwan Symphony Orchestra Firework Show and concert Xiangshan Tourist Center
21st NovDrum Beat Firework Show Ita Thao Pier

Sun Moon Lake exploration

Besides the activities mentioned above, there are several ways to have fun around the lake.


Sun Moon Lake is selected as one of the best cycling ways in the world by CNN. If you want some challenge, you can go riding on the 30km way around the lake, which can lead you to the popular attractions nearby. If you want an easy, elder and children friendly family tour, you can choose the 10km routine, which takes you from Xiangshang tourist center to Jiulongkou.

Boat Ride

There are three piers you can board the boat: Shuishe pier, Xuanguang pier, and Ita Thao Pier. To save your penny, it’s suggested that tourists buy one day pass to travel through the boats for all day without extra charge. *A boat trip around the lake is about 45mins and the price is 300NTD

Most of the famous hotels are located at Shuishe. The pier is the starting point of the cycling path.

Xuanguang pier is on the boundary between the Sun Lake and the Moon Lake. You can view the view of two lakes and go ashore to visit Xuanguang Temple, Xuanzang Temple, and Cien Pagoda.

At Ita Thao, you can find a lot of tribal snacks and street foods. It’s also a good place to purchase souvenirs.

Stand Up Paddling


It’s a new way to explore Sun Moon Lake. The calm lake makes it a perfect destination for the beginners of water sports. It’s much easier to keep balance on the board without the surging waves on the sea. The best time to do the stand-up paddling is at dawn when you can appreciate the breathtaking sunrise on the lake.


You can take the cable cars to enjoy the beauty of Sun Moon Lake from a different perspective. The cable connects Its Thao to
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. If you like something more exciting, you can take the crystal carriage.

A trip to Taiwan is not complete without visiting Sun Moon Lake. A pleasant journey can not be without a perfect plan. You don’t need to bother yourself to make the plan, just leave the job to Justaiwantour!

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