Due to the outbreak of Wuhan Pneumonia(Get more information about how to prevent infectious pneumonia), some people are uncertain if it is safe to travel in Taiwan at this moment. The disease is widely spread. Up to now, there have been 23 confirmed cases in Japan, 25 cases in Japan, 24 cases in Singapore, 14 cases in Taiwan, and some scattered ones in other countries. Across from the straight, Taiwan is really close to China. Our business is active so people come and go frequently in Taiwan. We understand your concern. You may think that Taiwan is exposed to the threat. But the circumstances in Taiwan is not as severe as you imagine. It is still a safe region for traveling. In this article, we are going to reveal the authentic situation in Taiwan and give you explanations of why you shouldn’t be too anxious. (Read more: No community outbreaks in Taiwan by the ministry of health and welfare.)


The Chinese government has forbidden all the self-guided tour to Taiwan since Aug 1, 2019. Therefore, the tourist number in Taiwan is not as high as you figure. Chinese have turned their way to Thailand and Japan. Because of the prohibition, the risk of large scale infection has been greatly eliminated. On the other hand, Taiwanese authorities had commanded that the Chinese tourists leave Taiwan before Jan, 31. Chinese cannot enter Taiwan until the pneumonia is brought to an end.


Up to now, there are 11 infected people in Taiwan. Most of them were caught by the 2019-nCoV in China. Only one person was infected in Taiwan by her spouse because of close contact. The patients are getting well under the medical treatments, and they are all in the quarantine room. Compared to other countries, the situation is well under control in Taiwan. (Check out the up-to-date news)


Taiwanese are highly conscious of personal sanitary and public hygiene. We always wear masks when being sick. The habit can effectively prevent diseases from spreading. You don’t need to worry if you would breathe in the air with the virus when someone close to you just sneezes suddenly. People in public transportation are prone to talk with their voice down, so it’s less likely to get exposed to other people’s saliva. You can’t smell anything stinky or see anyone eating, drinking on public transportation. People are very self-disciplined to maintain the environment clean.




This is not the first time that Taiwan is facing such a crisis. We have learned from the experience of fighting against SARS 17 years ago and acquired good sanitary habits. People holdout the virus together by wearing masks in the public and washing hands often.


Though Taiwan is not a member of WHO, our medical technique, environment,and resources can be one of the tops in the world. Taiwanese have medical insurance. People can see the doctors in the price the same as a combo of Big Mac. There’s no need to worry that anyone would be left behind. Furthermore, our garbage classification is well developed. All the medical discard is processed centralized.


To make a conclusion, Taiwan is still a safe place for travelers. Just remember to wear the mask thoroughly in the enclosed crowded space like MRT and Buses and wash your hands regularly. (Actually, you don’t need to wear the mask in the outdoor space with few people)People are very precautious but they are still friendly and open-minded to foreigners. With the return of the spring, the novel coronavirus will soon fade away. You can go on the travel plan of Taiwan for the upcoming months.


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