After savoring some must-try cuisine around Yongkang Street (永康街), you must pretty expect where’s next of your Taipei private tour. Before selecting some Taiwan tour packages, remember to book a private car to better carry you in summer, especially if you go with your family/ friends, and lots of luggage.




As bubble milk tea (Read more: Bubble tea: How did it start?) getting hot all around the world, for foodie like us, we cannot neglect the contribution of Chun Shui Tang, a famous Taiwanese teahouse that claims to invent this kind of drink; in fact, it seems like an important icon symbolizing the booming development of bubble milk tea. Recently, visiting the tea houses (many branches in Taiwan) is considered a must for many tourists. 

Different from other shops vending bubble tea, Chun Shui Tang provides customers with classics and elegant environment to savor tea with a thick taste of milk. In addition, you may order some alluring side dishes, such as heated braised dishes, fried foods, or dim sum (Read more: What is Dim Sum? & Six Rules for Eating Dim Sum Like a Pro) for tea. 



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As far as Taiwanese locals are concerned, Taipei east district is extremely crowded with restaurants, food stands, and bars, and if the store fails to serve their best stuff with characteristics, then it’s just common to be forgotten over time. Situated at an alley of this district, however, Sao Dao Hua amazes tourists with its mingling flavors of delicacies; for example, you could order icy tofu pudding with sago, mango and watermelon cubes on top. 

Furthermore, aside from serving sweet snacks, Sao Dao Hua may satisfy your Taipei day tour when you are also eager for delicious cuisine; the Vietnamese sandwich and awarded beef noodles are all that foodies go for. Under the fierce sunshine, why not take a car to refresh yourselves. (Read more: What Is Douhua?)



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