Taking pictures is the most fun-filled activity to do during a Taiwan tour. However, it’s always not an easy task to seize the right moment at those fantastic tourist spots. If failing to arrange itineraries well, then you might miss out on many chances. Therefore, besides learning photography skills as mentioned below, it’s also recommended to book a private car to help you catch up time and take stylish pictures within Jiufen. 



A-Mei Tea House (阿妹茶樓)

Without a doubt, a great number of travelers flocking to this spot not only take a cup of tea but only try to grab the imaginary scenes shown in the animation film Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Only viewing the exterior of this well-decorated architecture, you can feel inspiring yet tranquility in mind as if you had lived in the ancient period; wild red lanterns hung up around the street as well as the tea house, forming a picture of fancy old Chinese style. When lights turn on with the approaching of night, it’s common to get wowed by the different splendid panoramic of Jiufen Old Street. So, next time, in addition to taking a Taipei day tour, remember to select Taiwan tour packages that include an itinerary of A-Mei Tea House.




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The Stair in front of Shengping Theater (昇平戲院)

As we mentioned in another article: Jiufen Travel Guide | Wandering around in Jiufen Old Street, this historical theater, the first one in New Taipei City, attracts many travelers to memorize the old good days regarding going to movies. What’s more, the younger generation takes it as a new photography spot that could mingle fashionable elements into the old stylish background; an array of red lanterns does make your clothing stand out in the pictures. In fact, the stair is right below the A-Mei Tea House, so chill out and take your model pose. (Read more: About Shengping Theater)



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Viewing Jiufen at Song De Park (頌德公園)

The park is right close to Jiufen Old Street, at the end of Qingbian Road (輕便路). So, don’t worry about going far away only for a few photos; actually, walking down the Qingbian Road, you will pass by the Jiufen Gold Mine Museum, which showcases collections depicting local mining history. In front of the Song De Park lies a small observation deck for better viewing the whole grassy hill (Jiufen Old Street side), with foggy ocean taken altogether in the pictures. (Read more: Remembering Taiwan’s Kinkaseki POW Camp)



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